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FIRSTFREED0CELL t1_j5xjhqe wrote

3,900 out of 282,000.


diacewrb t1_j5xyn7g wrote

3,900 so far.

The year has only just begun.


yarrr0123 t1_j5zegvn wrote

That's actually surprising it's so small. IBM is notorious for big layoffs, even in the best economic climates.


diacewrb t1_j5zg5l3 wrote

I am guessing if they announce a smaller number in comparison to everyone else then they just might avoid attention.


strangetrip666 t1_j5yz2pk wrote

Stop with your facts and numbers immediately! The news has been telling us that we need to panic about these extremely small layoffs so we all need to start doing so right now! Maybe also take a job way below your normal rate if your job hunting while your at it to get through these hard times ahead. /s

In all seriousness, main stream media really seems to want us to panic but the numbers just aren't adding up.


Deskshallrise t1_j5z6kri wrote

> these companies for putting thousands of out of work and actively encourag

are you trying to say this isn't a MAJOR indicator of what's to come? We are going to need a sobriety test boys.