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King_Arber t1_j5yfqvw wrote

How so? Use sources and facts.

Twitter was the first tech company to lay of their worthless project managers and now other tech companies are following the trend. What exactly is wrong about that statement.

Edit: hahaha the loser I replied to couldn’t disprove my point so they blocked me and now I can’t reply to any of your comments. If you need a source for musk laying people off just use google.


Jefeboy t1_j5ytbg5 wrote

Seriously? No one running a major company gives a flying fuck about some asshole that is so mismanaging his vanity project that it’s cost him literally billions of dollars. It’s just too stupid to even consider. And I will block you now, thanks.


AssEYEs4u t1_j5ytvdv wrote

Good lord ya nut swinger, you keep asking for sources and facts. You're using conjecture and asking everyone else for sources and facts.


MooingTurtle t1_j5yul0n wrote

Asks for sources and facts yet doesnt even state real sources or facts.

Stop making conjectures using your feelings.