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lurq_king t1_j5whrf4 wrote

Keep it that way!


miz0909 t1_j5ws0o8 wrote

Bu..bu..but Where will I get my misinformation?


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j5x1mgt wrote

r/Breitbart, r/Conspiracy, r/NoNewNormal, r/ConspiracyII, r/The_Donald, r/LockdownSkepticism, r/JoeRogan, etc


FreeGums t1_j5wutcp wrote

Only thousands of users? Barely news


Moist_Combination_81 t1_j5xnoao wrote

Know people can do something with their lives for a couple hours


SnooMuffins8070 t1_j5z0t45 wrote

I think people often conflate these services with only being platforms for social media where misinformation is shared and people can become depressed from the content. As someone who lives outside of the US, services such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp play a critical role in people's daily lives. They are not only used for communicating with friends and family, but also as essential tools for conducting business. For example, in Vietnam and the Philippines, Messenger is the how people communicate and do businesses. So Meta services going down is never a good thing


prefuse07 t1_j5znaa7 wrote

Can we make this permanent, please?