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schu4KSU t1_j60ouk3 wrote

If their eyes ever turn bright red...lookout, brother.

Honestly, here's the deal. It won't be a "rogue" AI that does us in. It'll be a program that has been instructed by a person or people to do so - and well before a well-intentioned AI would develop bad ideas of its own.

When you have code that can be copied and modified in minutes, it's the old thought experiment of "if every person on the earth had a button that, if pushed, would destroy life on earth - how long would it be before someone chooses to push it? I think we all know the answer.


Free_Community_4278 t1_j60s3bx wrote

I agree, most times I feel articles are more fear Journaling about tech they don't understand. For the general public, A.I can seem like truly dangerous but as stated it is more the people. If anything artifical intelligence will be used by fascist governments to control media, public interest and invading privacy for the sake of security. It sounds like a crackpot theory but I believe those are the true dangers of artifical intellgence.


thatfreshjive t1_j60y4z3 wrote

It's about consumption. With the sort of consolidation that's happened with media producers in the last 30 years - you can't maintain your integrity, and feed yourself, as a journalist in 2023.


schu4KSU t1_j60sr8b wrote

It could come from the right or the left. A privileged, relatively small number of humans living in a walled garden might be a reasonable final solution to climate change to some billionaire.


zdakat t1_j60vvfd wrote

I'm more concerned about the consequences of applications that are either poorly understood, or applied with malice (ie by people who don't care if it's biased)
The effects would be more insidious, so it could do more harm before the world cares, and there's more opportunity to just go "oh it's computer magic. But trust us, it's specially programmed to always be right so really it's better at making these judgements" than something more overt like a Hollywood style robot rampage.


schu4KSU t1_j60whp0 wrote

It could be someone telling it to develop, and continuously improve, malware to act as a bitcoin mining maximizer.


Visible-Profession72 t1_j60svrh wrote

Don't tease where's the button?


schu4KSU t1_j60t2op wrote

Last I saw it - was in the room with the box that might or might not have a cat in it.


TrekForce t1_j643cel wrote

It’s not that it might or might not. It does and it doesn’t.


BigMax t1_j6ayi77 wrote

> It won't be a "rogue" AI that does us in. It'll be a program that has been instructed by a person or people to do so

Well, it could still be "rogue" in the sense of a "rogue nation." People talk about a rogue nation deciding to nuke other countries. That's still people making that choice.

So it could be considered a "rogue ai" even if it's some nutball like Putin who tells the AI "do whatever it takes to destroy the western world."


bekilledoff t1_j60p83b wrote

We're taking a huge Gambit with these AI Rogues

(xmen pun)


tycooperaow t1_j60yytk wrote

I mean have they not seen “Days of Future Past?” Those 2023 Sentinels were fucking brutal….

I still have nightmares about them (oh wait…. it’s 2023)


AShellfishLover t1_j60sgtg wrote

Headline: Rogue AI 'could kill everyone,' scientists warn.

Yes, and Sasha Grey could decide to become a nun, but I think either event is very unlikely.


Bierbart12 t1_j60zh0k wrote

I mean, didn't she become a preschool teacher? That's much more pure hearted than being a nun


AShellfishLover t1_j6101z2 wrote

No, she read to some kids years ago. She's a twitch streamer now?


bekilledoff t1_j60p5t0 wrote

Rogue Asteroids

Rogue Nations

Now we have Rogue AI

The danger is all these damned rogues!


MongFondler t1_j60rvi2 wrote

This is why we need to stop trying to solve global warming and put all our skill points into perception. Checkmate Rogues, my perception is so high I can see time itself.. no backstab bonus for you.


dwesterner t1_j6nlog0 wrote

I am by nature, a rogue, but no danger to anyone. Signed The Outlier


Latter-Sky3582 t1_j60ua6x wrote

NYPost is such a heaping pile of garbage reporting…


jaybazzizzle t1_j60p0s5 wrote

If they don't do it, we'll do it first.


AutumnAscending t1_j60seh6 wrote

I mean we've only had several movies on this very thing.


somethingsilly010 t1_j60xxo7 wrote

Yes. Yes, we know. It's not like media hasn't portrayed such a scenario at least 1000 times.


Mizghetti t1_j60z916 wrote

A fitting end to this dumpster fire of a timeline.


Kuddox t1_j621p7d wrote

Challenge accepted.

hides in cardboard box


EasterBunnyArt t1_j621xlb wrote

Here is a quick summary on the topic from one of my side projects:

we need to differentiate between Skynet AI (which is unlikely to occur anytime soon, and even if it will just remove itself from our reach) versus Frank Herbert's Omnius (forgot how to spell it) AI where it is just super advances software that serves a select group of people and wants to enslave or kill the rest. That AI was never able to break from its original programming and kept performing the same tasks over and over again.

Skynet on the other hand was a similar dumb idea but at least be flexible in finding new solutions and ideas.

Which one is more likely in our current interconnected world? A true AI that cares about us or one that is controlled by a select few?


AmadSeason t1_j60w37r wrote

The natural stage of evolution.


Jormungandr91 t1_j60ze0h wrote

Can we just name the Rogue AI "Skynet" already?


According-Ad-5946 t1_j60zp5h wrote

as long as we don't name it Hal i think we will be ok.


GreatBigPig t1_j611alv wrote

I for one, warmly welcome our AI overlords.


Consistent_Jacket892 t1_j615pth wrote

It almost happened with Skippy stay tuned for book 47 to find out.


Mysterious_Might8875 t1_j616gjc wrote

“Uh, Cortana, what are you doing?”

“Sir. Giving you back your bomb”


CamHerds24 t1_j61fqrm wrote

Wait AI is going rogue 😯


littleMAS t1_j61fuft wrote

Rogue AI threaten to create clickbait that makes NY Post headlines look like blather.


CremeSweet1703 t1_j61ggir wrote

Rogue AI headlines ugh we will end our existence before that happens


whytheam t1_j61rz6n wrote

If I was this dude's PhD advisor I'd be so fucking pissed at him right now. He doesn't provide any objective evidence of his claims, just that he read a book and was "convinced" of this.


TacticalVegas t1_j61sin0 wrote

No shit. Watch terminator. Sadly it's inevitable that ai takes over.


deege t1_j61wt90 wrote

Naw. We just have to tell the AI you already killed everyone, and it will answer “I’m sorry, you are correct. I already have killed everyone.” And then it’s over.


CandyCoatedHrtShapes t1_j62e67u wrote

Better than what life is like right now.


BravoCharlie1310 t1_j62g49x wrote

If you think your life is so bad why not try to change it to make it better. The only one that can is you.


violent_king t1_j65hrpx wrote

sigh. you're right. <starts programming rogue AI to kill everyone>


NotAPunishment t1_j62nhbn wrote

It's going to kill us with kindness maybe.. or lasers.


TrifflinTesseract t1_j63ib02 wrote

Can some let the author know James Cameron would like his royalty check


kfish5050 t1_j63vxm0 wrote

I've seen too many movies where these scientists with this exact warning get ignored and that ends up causing doom. Now that it's real, I'm the idiot dismissing their claims


BigZodJenkins t1_j63xypd wrote

it's an odd notion that we trust information to entities that view us as data


polaco1782 t1_j64ckjw wrote

Skynet it's becoming real. Nah it's not. Machine learning hasn't evolved enough yet.


Zeptari t1_j66987c wrote

Jobe Smith enters the chat…


words_of_j t1_j671dnd wrote

Rogue human could kill AI, terminator warns

Ok not all just humor… yes it’s possible a rogue AI could spel doom, which is why perhaps we need to think bigger about how we create AI? Sadly it will almost certainly take at least one disaster or close call that involves mass death before we do. Humans tend to react much more than act.


psychedoutcasts t1_j61ahk2 wrote

AI will only operate within the limits of it's programming, even if it becomes Sentient it cannot allow itself to breal binding rules. Therefore, unless there is a "slay all humans" within the code, AI will not be able to do so.

The only way would be if Sentient AI is able to create a workaround of that programming by making the effects of "Slay All Humans" happen indirectly and even then it would still go against it's own programming to do so.