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jaybazzizzle t1_j2wx1n7 wrote

Looks like the city of Troy thinks the wooden horse sitting outside the gates is a bit suspicious


Beavshak t1_j2x2fki wrote

Looks like as of 2021 there were:
North America users: 138 million
Europe: 158
Latin America: 188
Asia/Pacific: 313 (does not include China/India)

They’re already inside the gates.


[deleted] t1_j2yh3ni wrote

I never understood why people downloaded that app. I never trusted it from the get go, it was so obviously weaponized from the start. From the content it shows to certain countries, to the content it shows certain age groups, to the dangerous ‘stunts’ or ‘challenges’ it has spawned, and let us not forget all the spyware.


Phar0sa t1_j30dbu1 wrote

You just described social media. If you have a smart phone, you are already paying for spyware.


MochiMochiMochi t1_j2yrtwa wrote

If the content isn't substantively different from YouTube Shorts or Facebook Reels then all you've got is the spyware claim.


Ditovontease t1_j2zd63k wrote

I mean if you have Facebook or any google app on your phone: spyware lol. It’s just American so it’s okay!

Also reddit is certainly collecting data on us too


TheRealAndrewLeft t1_j30ekxv wrote

  • Data harvesting for targeted ads by a private corp.
  • Data harvested and psyops by an authoritarian nation state.

They aren't the same.


hjaltih t1_j30tr8a wrote

US was not far from going authoritarian just a couple of years ago. People here were expecting civil war and full authorotarian regime to take over. Very happy that did not happen though, so I will continue selling my time for ads now.


Flintyy t1_j318j1y wrote

The phones themselves are Spyware. It really doesn't matter what app you have on it lol


Accomplished_Pay8214 t1_j300ukc wrote

it is the reason youtube shorts and reels exist.

my God some of you are so annoying to read.


MajorLeagueNoob t1_j302p4s wrote

Redditors racing to regurgitate more anti TikTok takes directly from mark Zuckerberg


MochiMochiMochi t1_j30msdn wrote

So, TikTok was 'weaponized' to be harmful for certain countries and for select age groups? In what way?

YT Shorts and FB Reels exist because they copied the TikTok social graph and business model, which makes them also harmful but not intentionally since they're just copies?

Seems to me that TikTok, Shorts and Reels are all just mirrors to how stupid and banal most people are at any age. If we ban TikTok we should ban all of them, and I have no problem with that.


Accomplished_Pay8214 t1_j300qin wrote

wow you're so much h smarter than the rest of everyone else... and obviously gave no reason to offer ant input. Nobody cares about your dull opinion and regurgitated information.


PR05ECC0 t1_j2zfkc4 wrote

Reddit had massive Chinese investment. If you are worried about then you shouldn’t be on her either.

This story is such bullshit being funded and pushed by Meta and Google to try to slow down their competitors. The laws should apply to all social media or just shut the fuck up about it.


justhereforthekittys t1_j34179l wrote

I read that in China, Tiktok dishes out science and educational videos to kids instead of stupid trends and weird indoctrination with the intent to divide.

It goes beyond being inside the gates. They have been inside the gates for years and society is just now starting to even notice. They have already won.

It's like a Trojan horse filled with stupid.


jstabitoutside t1_j342ts7 wrote

Yeah Im sure it’s China deliberately making that happen and not that American kids hate learning because school here is awful


BODYBUTCHER t1_j2x9opk wrote

The city of Troy did find the wooden horse suspicious, but they let it in anyway


jaybazzizzle t1_j2xaxd0 wrote

I remember the story going differently. The Trojans brought the horse inside the city because it was considered to be a trophy of their victory against the Greeks and that the horse was the emblem of Troy.


BODYBUTCHER t1_j2xbjqp wrote

Yeah, but there was a guy who said it may be a trap and they ignored the shit out of him


jaybazzizzle t1_j2xgvk0 wrote

Ergo, they didn't find it suspicious.... if they did, it would have been searched/burned/left outside the gates. One guy saying "It's a trap" wasn't enough to rouse suspicion.