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[deleted] t1_j2xd6ey wrote

sometimes i get the feeling that redditors are extremely racist


this_barb t1_j2xdy5h wrote

I suspect he means the CCP and not the Chinese people, which is an important distinction so it should be made.


MochiMochiMochi t1_j2ys0it wrote

>I suspect he means

So generous of you. I suspect differently.


QuantumSpecter t1_j2y4rfb wrote

You hate the party that protects the sovereignty of China?


YesOfficial t1_j2ycnkf wrote

Yes. Fuck every government.


QuantumSpecter t1_j2yct1s wrote

Youre a neocon or anarchist. No difference


YesOfficial t1_j2ysjjq wrote

How would I be a neocon? I've never heard of any neocon wanting all militaries disbanded. That's the sort of pacifism neoconservatism was founded to fight against.


QuantumSpecter t1_j2yt7ae wrote

You just agreed that you dont respect the sovereignty of the chinese government. In that case, the most successful anarchist revolution has been carried out by the American empire- overthrowing customs, traditions, states and civilizations for the last 100 years

If you cant respect the sovereignty of foreign people and their governments, you’re no different than a neocon


UngusBungus_ t1_j31nqtc wrote

Sorry to break it to you bud but pretty much any country that was a power/empire has done that


QuantumSpecter t1_j3363pv wrote

Yes because the mode of production and the economic means that create the basis for doing that still existed. The british didnt settle in america because they felt like it, their economic situation necessitated it


[deleted] t1_j2xe2ew wrote

i suspect he is dispensing with the dogwhistles because outright hatred is now acceptable


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