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COMPUTER1313 OP t1_j6n2rak wrote

The last part of the article was what got my attention:

> "Hyundai is also providing free steering wheel locks, as available, to select law enforcement agencies across the country for distribution to local residents who own or lease affected models," Gabriel wrote. "Owners may also bring their vehicles to a local Hyundai dealer for the purchase and installation of a customized security kit."

> The kits are available for purchase and installation at Hyundai dealerships and Compustar authorized installers across the country. They start at $170 and there are also charges for installation.

Maybe I'm just being biased, but Hyundai should be footing the bill for extra security now that all of the thieves are specifically targeting their cars. On another subreddit, I read about someone who discovered their car wasn't stolen at the end because the thieves couldn't figure out how to drive a stick shift. But that didn't stop them from destroying the steering column and ignition. $6K worth of damages and the car was sitting in the repair shop for about two months. Their concern was all of that could happen again once the car is repaired, and this time the insurance might drop him or jack up his rates.

As two people commented in another subreddit:

> "It’s like Apple on hard mode. Create a problem, then sell the solution. Except nowhere near the level of brand loyalty"

> "Apple’s stuff at least is enjoyable when it works. This is some Spirit Airlines shit."


ReadingGoat t1_j6n2ug2 wrote

I’m surprised they can just stop your insurance for this kind of thing. It’s illegal to not have insurance, so what is one supposed to do?


foomachoo t1_j6n6kbl wrote

You are required to have insurance for liability. (Injuries and damaged to others.).

You are not required to have insurance for theft. (Unless you have a loan on the vehicle and the vehicle is then an asset backing the loan and the bank then requires you to insure against theft.)


notmyrlacc t1_j6n3fov wrote

They aren’t stopping current insurance. A couple of insurance companies are not starting new policies for those affected vehicles.


COMPUTER1313 OP t1_j6n3i8q wrote

Find insurance companies that instead charge doubled/tripled premiums or something equally expensive I guess. :P