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yhwhx t1_j6a2pcg wrote

And it's still down 43% in the past year.


frolie0 t1_j6d282l wrote

And still up 400% in the last 3 years. It's all relative.

Even the headline is stupid framing. It makes it sound as if Tesla has been largely down since 2013. Or at least hasn't seen very good days. But reality is they had an insanely good week percentage wise, they've had bigger point gains in a week in that same timeframe.

Anyways, context is important.


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PEVEI t1_j6a593v wrote

Lol, the lies people tell themselves are always so entertaining.


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PEVEI t1_j6a5mef wrote

It already has for most of us, but then I don't have a sunk cost to defend.


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PEVEI t1_j6a60sw wrote

Suuuuuure it did, and I bet it made you big-dicked and handsome too!


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PEVEI t1_j6a7m5j wrote

Lol, oh man, you're so hungry for bag-holders it must burn. Sorry guy, you're stuck.


TrippieBled t1_j6ac0yt wrote

Lmao, this is such an idiotic comment.


Jra805 t1_j6bf9cn wrote

Is it? Stock is tanking and it’s more than Twitter; car quality is notably deteriorating, over prices repairs, tons of broken promises on features, the “tunnel” being worthless…

So it makes sense that people who are still holding (and claim to be millionaires off it… I mean until you sell it, it’s just a number) would want to argue that Tesla is a long play when it looks like Elon isn’t playing the long game by alienating his largest consumer base (damn libs and their love of sexy, electric vehicles).


wtfuckishappening t1_j6a8hcx wrote

And you're a trans youth but also had a wife of 68 years? Keep telling yourself these lies and you might just start believing one of them!


NorthImpossible8906 t1_j6a65ro wrote

so you sold all of it back in 2021?


SliceNSpice69 t1_j6a73oy wrote

It’s still up about 5x for anyone that bought before Covid (me). I bought in January 2020 on a whim for about $30 a share. It’s $178 today. Making 5x your money in 3 years is huge gain and you didn’t need to sell in 2021 to do it. You just had to buy in before Covid.


greatdrams23 t1_j6auwqb wrote

So you bought $200,000 of shares in Tesla, meaning you were already rich to start with.

If you only had 200,000 to start with, you would be a doll to invest it all in one company. So you must have had about a million to start with.


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NorthImpossible8906 t1_j6a7qrh wrote

> I still have all my shares.


so sorry, do you have a GoFundMe page so we can contribute to help with your disaster?


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NorthImpossible8906 t1_j6a810k wrote



TrippieBled t1_j6b1y2b wrote

Lol, doesnt even know what FUD is. No wonder you’re dumb enough to think Tesla is a bad investment.


NorthImpossible8906 t1_j6b2k5j wrote

ha ha, you have an infectious laugh!

Tesla was a bad investment.

down 43% YTD.


TrippieBled t1_j6b2tu4 wrote

Lol, it objectively wasn’t. A stock going down does not mean it’s a bad investment. You’ d know that if you had any clue about this topic.


NorthImpossible8906 t1_j6b3eaa wrote


yes a stock losing 50% of its value over a year is absolutely inarguably a bad investment. Super super super bad investment. If I am not clear, let me explain again. Really very terrible horrible no good investment.

It is absolutely 100% impossible to spin losing 50% into a "great" investment. Not possible at all. Nope.

So, yeah, both of us are having a good laugh at this poster who is trying to brag about their Tesla investment.


TrippieBled t1_j6ba2jk wrote

>yes a stock losing 50% of its value over a year is absolutely inarguably a bad investment.

No it’s not. Stocks go up and down. It’s not really an issue if you get in early and DCA when you can.

No one is trying to spin anything. You’re just wrong and you don’t realize that because, as I said, you’re incredibly ignorant about this topic. And have a myopic view on what investing is and how it works.

The thing is, if this was 2021 you wouldn’t say anything. You’re only suddenly an expert and certain about your beliefs because, in the moment, things seems to confirm your biases. But once Tesla goes back up (because it is a certainty that it will) you’re going to be kicking and screaming, like the moron you are, because you didn’t DCA when people more intelligent and educated than you told you to.


NorthImpossible8906 t1_j6bav6q wrote

> No it’s not. Stocks go up and down

not 50%

>But once Tesla goes back up

a fantasy about the future does not give me (or anyone) much confidence in your understanding of how investments work.

> But once Tesla goes back up

I'm repeating that.

> you’re going to be kicking and screaming,

No I'm not. Lots of companies make large gains. I don't cry like a baby when one does.

> when people more intelligent

those are rare

> more educated than you

that's not possible

> people more intelligent and educated than you

there is a high probability that you are neither.


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TrippieBled t1_j6bfyf5 wrote

Stocks, can absolutely lose half their value. They can also recover it. If you didn’t know that, then it’s pretty clear you aren’t educated about this topic. And if you think Tesla going back up is a fantasy (already up 70% from the beginning of the month) then it’s clear you aren’t very intelligent.


pzerr t1_j6a6bwc wrote

Remind me in 10 years plus a day.


postart777 t1_j6a2ak0 wrote

Doesn't make up for a shit year does it.


redonkulousness t1_j6a8fcx wrote

That’s what happens when you drop the price of your product due to competition entering the market. Reduce price, increase production and take up as much market share as possible before the competition can fully deploy their product.


aquarain t1_j6beszg wrote

With production optimizations the margins were getting a bit fluffy. The point isn't really to sell cars. It's to change the world by killing the internal combustion engine, the carbon fueled electric generator. They have to make a profit to serve shareholders but if they can do that in a way that also serves their social goals then more power (sic) to them.


redonkulousness t1_j6bkqoy wrote

I can’t wait for oil to be phased out and electric to be the predominate modality of transportation. Tesla took the brunt of the r&d and should be rewarded for it imo.


aquarain t1_j6bnu1g wrote

They genuinely don't care about the rewards in the traditional sense of monopolistic control and exploitation of that leverage. They will win, of course, in the fiscal sense. They're not crazy. They owe that to the investors who helped them and stiffing the long term investors isn't in their moral compass. But how they do it will be by creating a wave they are first surfer on. It's Jiu Jitsu. Kung Fu. "The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm." - Confucius


jphamlore t1_j6bnq50 wrote

It will be interesting if strategic buying and selling of just Tesla stock and bitcoin becomes a generation's mantra for investing, and just that focus out-performs other investments, or starting businesses.


frolie0 t1_j6d2m2r wrote

If anyone has figured out how to capitalize specifically on the frequent Tesla swings they would absolutely make a killing. The volatility in the stock over the last 10 years was insane. I was long on Tesla until it just got to a point of insanity with the recent split. Fortunately, I sold before it crashed, but I often thought about trying to get out and play the dips. The number of times it went down and back up 5,10, 15% in a matter of days was insane. Still is clearly, although it has been going down much more recently.


armymike t1_j6aw7f4 wrote

"...was on target to potentially produce 2 million vehicles in 2023." Wait a minute, what kind of serious forecast is that? "We're planning on maybe producing 2 million, or maybe not. We'll see. The factories might be able to build that many if we can find enough buyers for our cars, but then again, maybe they won't be able to."


aquarain t1_j6bdj22 wrote

Yes, that is how manufacturing works in a nutshell. It's not for the meek.