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TheAbcedarian t1_j6kosnr wrote

Dumb move. Showtime as a brand has massive recognition and great retro appeal. Nobody give a fuck about “Paramount”.


Torkzilla t1_j6kp671 wrote

People who have paramount+ are great beneficiaries assuming there’s no premium up charge.


sbrown1492 t1_j6krhcs wrote

I currently get showtime through paramount+ and do pay an upcharge. The article mentions it will be part of their "premium" tier.


TheAbcedarian t1_j6kqbtu wrote

Yeah but you could call it FartAss+ and it wouldn’t matter, the name only means whatever it is in the very moment. Showtime has existed at the pinnacle of TV entertainment for decades.


Torkzilla t1_j6kqmg5 wrote

All cable and premium cable networks are collapsing into the abyss of streaming, so the sooner they get hitched to a stream carrier the more likely they are to survive in perpetuity with their catalog and new content.


ontopofyourmom t1_j6ld36o wrote

The combined name is definitely shitty, but I can't think of a brand in media with more recognition and retro appeal than Paramount. It was an OG movie studio and a highly promoted brand until very recently.


TheAbcedarian t1_j6mpepr wrote

We’re talking about a retro-cool TV channel with enormous relevance and “eyeball” vs. an antique studio brand that, at best, people saw the logo briefly before a movie sometimes.


UrHellaLateB t1_j6l3dyw wrote

“Paramount+ with Showtime”... that really rolls off the tongue. Glad they workshopped the naming.


pappapora t1_j6lou28 wrote

“The name is great! It’s provocative, gets the people moving.”