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Kevin_Jim t1_j63nau4 wrote

They would slay if the sold their chips for server use, though.


stratospaly t1_j63o0q2 wrote

I do not think we could have 1TB ram inside the CPU for Server use. Maybe in 10 years, but not now. That is the big game changer of the M1/2 is that the ram is built into the CPU not needing a bus to move through. I believe it is as big of a leap in speed as spinning disk to SSD. Yes, it sucks for upgradability of ram, but the speed difference is by far worth it.


pmotiveforce t1_j65i4km wrote

Lol, no they wouldn't. And there's more to a server ecosystem than just the raw processor, they'd have to develop and deliver a whole lot of servery shit.