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LigerXT5 t1_j6iqcqs wrote

If a person cannot walk into a legitimate computer repair shop, who can repair Android phones, can't get their iPhone repaired within a reasonable time, then the methods Apple is using for their version of "right to repair" is not a globally approved standard.

If I had someone bring in a phone to be repaired, I'd like to have at least the commonly requested parts in stock. In Apple's case, I don't care if I have to keep an inventory list and report back weekly, and inform them I used X part with X SN on iPhone Y with Y SN. But if we can't even order in parts for walk ins, and have to wait a week for the part, what's the point? Let alone the extreme costs to buy or rent the tools to do the repairs.


nicuramar t1_j6pg2cp wrote

> then the methods Apple is using for their version of “right to repair” is not a globally approved standard.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a globally approved standard for these things.


NickConrad t1_j6iw9zo wrote

>if we can't even order in parts for walk ins

It's called GSX and only requires that you pass a basic certification to get access to it. Service parts are cheaper, too.


LigerXT5 t1_j6iy33n wrote

That's fine and all, until you find out your IT shop isn't big/active enough to qualify to do any kind of Apple repairs, lol.

My office is <20 people, very rural NW Oklahoma. We do a lot of in office or onsite support, repair, and management. Last time my boss and team lead tried (handful of years ago), we didn't have enough foot traffic to qualify. We'd have more foot traffic if we could even start. Instead, we're sending people down to OKC instead, which is 2.5-3 hour drive one way. We're a few counties East of the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Hell, when we looked into teaming up with TMobile, the best we could qualify for is an Authorized Retail (AR) store, nothing more. Not even a repair shop with TMobile.

Not so much weekly, but at least once a month someone comes in asking if we do screen repair. My boss gave up on mobile device hardware repair; smaller than say a laptop. We might be able to repair something here or there, but the newer devices are less accepted due to obtaining parts, and hands on experience of said model that walked in.

Apple has a somewhat similar standard between devices, but the best we can get approval for, is no different than someone wanting to do the repairs at home, with ordering the tools and parts, and waiting for the stuff to arrive. At least we can buy the tools and not rent, but waiting a week for the replacement parts has been a turn off for everyone who's come in.

Edit: Clarified where we draw the line of Mobile Devices. Laptops we can, beyond that it's not likely. Even netbooks are next to unlikely the issue can be resolved, let alone a data recovery.


SparkStormrider t1_j6jchaq wrote

They need to change the title to "Apple Sucks."


Mbhuff03 t1_j6khlqk wrote

Apple: why are cell phone sales down so much this year??!?!?

Also apple:


release_the_krakin t1_j6ljlwn wrote

lol for all these definitely real people who want to repair their own apple devices


contributes_n0thing t1_j6ko47o wrote

How repairable is an Android? Just throw it in the trash and get another one that will last for 2 updates. I'll wait for the same 13 Android trolls to answer.


Youvebeeneloned t1_j6l4jei wrote

Yep. Easily gone through 10 androids in the span of my 4 iphones. And only 1 was because it was dropped (1 became lost but that's a whole different story.) Even flagship ones that are as expensive as Apples, dead in less than 2 years for component failures.

in contrast every single one of my iphones still work going all the way back to the 4s. My 6s lasted me from release till the SE2 I own currently came out. And even on that 6s, I broke the lightning port and has a new third party one swapped in 45 min myself because Apple smartly made it a daughter card. Meanwhile I have a working lenovo tablet I can't use because the USB micro port died and you have to desolder the whole thing to replace it.