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Bierbart12 t1_j687ovr wrote

It's pretty easy to threaten website owners into deleting absolutely all the data they have on you if you live in the EU


Theblackroze t1_j68ebte wrote

Wish we had that same energy in the USA . Anything for money.


WornInShoes t1_j6a47oc wrote

We need to pass a “right to be forgotten” law like the EU did


SniperSid t1_j68q34p wrote

Except you have no proof they've done so and you can be sure it'll still be there on archived backups.


nicuramar t1_j69tv3q wrote

Well you have no proof that I “can be sure” that they didn’t, either.


CheapMonkey34 t1_j6c9fb7 wrote

The ‘right to be forgotten’ applies to the processing of data, not the archiving. Companies don’t have to destroy backup tapes to meet the law, just that they don’t process the data in the future anymore.


erosram t1_j6ejlzv wrote

Maybe, but they’ll also put themselves at risk of breaking the law and whatever repercussions come from that.


mjr4189 t1_j685qw9 wrote

It’s stored and sold.


SniperSid t1_j68q075 wrote

If you really want scaring delete your Facebook account then go back a year later and open another one with the same email address. It's like you'd never left. What is even more disconcerting is it isn't just like it was paused 12 months ago and you've just hit the play button again, there will be stuff in there after your account closure date that's relevant to stuff you did off Facebook over the following 12 months.

It's like Hotel California, you can enter but you can never leave.


Sardil t1_j69gpin wrote

Facebook has data halls around the world to store everything tied to your profile. Even with a new account, the personal information, friends and relatives, devices, geotags,… there’s so many variables that can connect you to the old account so they can continue to store information on you.


V4uban t1_j69mqj0 wrote

Ghost profiles have been around in Facebook since a long time


contactlite t1_j6927gv wrote

You’re still being tracked.


hibearmate t1_j6bw3d4 wrote

They just keep tracking your device IDs and website cookies associated with your previous account

FB tracks EVERYONE, regardless if your ever had an account

>… even people that don’t use Facebook for a wide range of reasons might end up having their activities tracked by the platform whenever they visit a site that incorporates its engagement buttons. Even sites that are relatively privacy sensitive tend to give Facebook a large amount of user data
>Facebook can track non-users on around 44% of the websites that they tend to visit


ChalupaCabre t1_j6asc6c wrote

I try to go through and delete all content I can from that platform.. also change personal information to fake data... then I "delete" my account. Did that with Facebook.


[deleted] t1_j6amr8j wrote

They will try and sell it


Ill_Following_7022 t1_j6bh9tk wrote

It lives on as a record in a database or files on a server. They may be marked as not active or deleted but they still exist.