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Cram2024 OP t1_j4kyq2h wrote

MSG Entertainment resorted to facial recognition technology to kick out legal foes, but some have undermined the ban using a law passed to protect theater critics in 1941.


km9v t1_j4mwmk7 wrote

Why are they even using facial recognition @ MSG?


Red_Sea_Pedestrian t1_j4nwxof wrote

Because James Dolan, the CEO of MSG entertainment, is a nasty, insecure, vengeful and petty human. He’s a bully.


krum t1_j4nnv60 wrote

To keep out lawyers they don’t like.


colin8651 t1_j4pywyr wrote

It’s used at a lot of venues and concerts to find suspects in the crowd. What’s worse is your tax money probably paid for it.


surgesilk t1_j4mahm6 wrote

Why do ppl put up paywall links...


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Foe117 t1_j4mpsvc wrote

the article is mind numbingly boring.


MetricVeil t1_j4p4hla wrote

But the consequences of using facial recognition, maliciously, is not.