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Geek_King t1_j6i6f6p wrote

Excellent, so clueless old people can ask non-sense questions

"So Mister CEO, your app is called TikTok but it is in fact *NOT* a clock, and doesn't even tell time!?"

"That is correct"

"Ok wonderful, seems secure to us!"


azurleaf t1_j6js4p7 wrote

Having watched congress grill Google / Facebook in the past, this is pretty much exactly what happened.


DayVeeGee t1_j6jzl4w wrote

They really should just tag staffers in on this one.


GetOutOfTheWhey t1_j6il54s wrote

Omg I am having flashbacks of congress asking the Google CEO about iPhone app ads


Oldenlame t1_j6i99mn wrote

You know how to tell nothing is going to be done about something? Congress investigates it.


Fishyinu t1_j6k5zgz wrote

It wasn't always like this, and it doesn't have to be like this either.


goomyman t1_j6kdscg wrote

I’m not sure it was ever not like this. I think just less publicized. I’m going to need proof here.

Also considering congress sets the rules and our political climate isn’t anything individuals have control over - only their local gerrymandered representatives - I’m going to go with we don’t control this either.

It probably was always like this and we have no ability to change it.


Willinton06 t1_j6ie9za wrote

Great, thankfully the congress is equipped with a set of subject matter experts to ask the right questions and get to the bottom of the issue


BillySlang t1_j6inp0f wrote

It's too bad that most in congress are technologically incompetent and won't even begin to understand what's going on as they walk into the hearing.


HaikusAreMyKink t1_j6i4lcg wrote

Prescient newsflash: he's lying.


ux3l t1_j6i6vkg wrote

But he's under oarh! Who'd lie under oath?!?

/s lmao


Actually-Yo-Momma t1_j6kur8a wrote

It won’t even get to that point because the geezers in congress will ask dumb shit like “why are my google searches all bad??”


ovirt001 t1_j6ipbs6 wrote

This is easily one of the dumbest circus acts I've ever seen. Just ban it, anything else is a waste of time.


tomistruth t1_j6j42vb wrote

American politics is a charade.

The rich are running jokes on the people telling them whom to hate and what to think to distract from the real problem avoid real change.

Tiktok does just about the same thing that internet giants like google, facebook or even apple are doing. Google scans all your email attachments and reads all your emails. Facebook scans all your msg and images. Apple recently activated mandatory facial and body scanning on all photos.

The only reason Tiktok is in the news is because it is made by a foreign adversary. A hostile nation. Bytedance, the company running Tiktok is majority owned by the Chinese military.

But the real problem, that NOBODY is talking about is the lack of privacy and data protection for web.

If the US government would pass laws protecting the data and privacy of its citizen, then there would be no problem to begin with. If the apps are not allowed to access critical device and personal information automatically to begin with, no apps could be spy on you to begin with.

But then the government could not mass surveil its citizens anymore.

The argument that criminals or terrorists could use those privacy loopholes to commit crimes is a hoax.

They ALREADY use their own hardware with their own operating systems.

Mass surveillance is per definition for the masses, which means its citizens. It never was about criminals to begin with.

Fix those damn privacy laws and pass data protection laws to give EVERYBODY privacy, instead of those the criminals and terrorists.

End exploitive data mining and privacy abuse and increase privacy protection, so internet giants can't force consumes to agree to mandatory data sharing to use their service.


nicuramar t1_j6pdzrd wrote

> Google scans all your email attachments and reads all your emails. Facebook scans all your msg and images. Apple recently activated mandatory facial and body scanning on all photos.

Facebook doesn’t scan WhatsApp messages at least, and Apple hasn’t implemented anything like that. Where does that come from?

> The only reason Tiktok is in the news is because it is made by a foreign adversary. A hostile nation.

That I agree with, except “hostile nation” is exaggerated a bit.


winwinwinguyen t1_j6jefja wrote

it’s the algorithm they should go after, not the security lol


goomyman t1_j6kdbs9 wrote

Can we have someone with technical knowledge ask questions.

An tech illiterate 70 year olds questions can be easily ignored.

And that’s even if they take it seriously and just don’t use their time slot for a campaign ad.


nicuramar t1_j6pe87q wrote

The average age of congress is about 60.


Odd-Turnip-2019 t1_j6kw932 wrote

They must be spying, they're pushing so damn hard. They're pushing harder than Amazon did against unionizing


just_chilling_too t1_j6kwtkk wrote

Why are your secret tubes stealing my state secrets or how come I still get spam? It’s about how I figured this is going to go in terms of questions.


link_dead t1_j6jzisr wrote

Is this the same guy that lied before congress last time?


DarthPiette t1_j6lz1dx wrote

"You must have very big penis. We are very simple people with very small penis. So small. We can not achieve much with such small penis. But wow, you Americans: penis so big."

Tiktok CEO, probably.


[deleted] t1_j6ljucd wrote



R_Meyer1 t1_j6lobru wrote

When it comes to my personal phone, the United States government can fuck off. What they do with government owned equipment is their business.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_j6loeir wrote

Bet the Chinese government is welcomed right in?


R_Meyer1 t1_j6loki1 wrote

You have to bypass my VPN first pumpkin. You’re more than welcome to let the government dictate what you do in your life.


tossawaynsfw9 t1_j6lozeo wrote

Using a VPN to browse TikTok. The hilarity.


R_Meyer1 t1_j6lp723 wrote

I know it’s real funny. But had bothered to read you’d know US TikTok servers switched over to Oracle last year making them entirely separate from Chinese servers.


Nerdenator t1_j6ju9xy wrote

Better idea:

Force ByteDance to take on an American partner in operating TikTok in the US. All data must be handled on servers hosted by this partner purely in the United States, for a "nominal" fee. ByteDance must open up its source code to inspection by this partner and any US government agency that wants to see it, at will, no questions asked. The US government may halt the use of their service at any time for any reason, with or without an appeals process. Ideally, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and EU take up the same regime.

This is basically the bar set by the CCP for Westerners to operate within PRC; turnabout is fair play.


R_Meyer1 t1_j6lo9hm wrote

TikTok US servers were moved to Oracle which will ensure that US info remains separate from its Chinese parent company Jun 17, 2022. I guess you missed that part.