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LED_PhuckSystem t1_j6ahqlb wrote

Yes because Tesla/Musk fanboys are the most annoying crowd who take it as a personal insult that people aren’t as enamored by their overpriced vehicles. They’re so annoying that now others get joy from their salt.


Roland_Zakalwe t1_j6b85eg wrote

Every time there's a Tesla hit piece on r/technology (which is several times a day) the comments are a massive circlejerk of hatred and anger. People endlessly bitch about the cars, the company, and the CEO.

Anyone who says anything else is called a Musk fanboy/cultist


teksun42 t1_j6bbg3d wrote

Downvoted for speaking the truth, LMAO.


MinorFragile t1_j6dzwrx wrote

Criticized rightly so. Elon musk is a goofy ass loon.


LED_PhuckSystem t1_j6bvhoh wrote

Because people like you resort to whataboutism whenever anyone says anything bad about Tesla….