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reid0 t1_j6hckak wrote

You didn’t cite anything. If you want to cite something, then cite it. If you want to quote me, then be accurate.

You are not basing your beliefs on evidence. You want me to concede that your unproven beliefs, based on your unscientific personal evaluation and anecdotes is somehow relevant. It’s not relevant. It’s not proven. It’s not measurable. It’s not evidence.

Every study on the subject that I’ve found shows that simply having a reversing camera reduces the likelihood of a hitting something while reversing.

You want to imagine that simply having a camera makes people worse drivers, but that claim is not supported by any evidence. The actual evidence shows the opposite.

If you have some evidence to backup your unfounded claim, then provide it.


SmashTagLives t1_j6hd182 wrote

My original point, was that if you need a camera to not kill a child, you should not be driving.

Do you disagree


reid0 t1_j6hd9tn wrote

Your original point, and I quote:

>You joke, but I took my test in a VW westfalia camping van. I’m a better, more alert driver for it.

>I admit that cameras are an important safety measure and very helpful. But I contend they don’t make the driver more capable, they make them less capable. They teach the driver to focus on the screen instead of checking all surroundings. The camera should only be a small part of it.

>Source: every single person under the age of 25 I have ever been in a car with.

Your original point is that cameras make people worse drivers. The evidence indicates the opposite is true.


SmashTagLives t1_j6hjtih wrote

You’re splitting hairs. You know I meant “cameras enable poor drivers” just as much as I meant that they can indeed make a driver less attentive than they otherwise would be. And again, I’m basing this on how everyone I know drives. Before, and after, and the ones only with cameras.

It is an opinion and a theory, difficult to quantify a metric for.

So now that all of that is settled, answer my question.


reid0 t1_j6hl4wu wrote

Ah yes, after being caught trying to ignore the fact that you just lied about your original point, now I’m supposedly splitting hairs. And I’m doing that by speaking to exactly what you claimed and by providing actual research study results to back up my claims, which directly disprove yours.

You can call it a theory, or an opinion, or whatever else you want, but it remains unsupported by facts. And, as mentioned, the facts we have access to indicate that the exact opposite is true.

And you understand that you just randomly claiming that your theory is difficult to measure or prove doesn’t actually make that true, right? It’s not a particularly difficult thing to study or analyse. The thing is, the other related studies have effectively already disproven your theory without requiring a separate, singular study.


SmashTagLives t1_j6hqvwl wrote

Dude, just humor me. Answer the question.


reid0 t1_j6hr14v wrote

I don’t want to humour you. I want you to stop being silly.


SmashTagLives t1_j6huz66 wrote

Stop saying silly and answer the question.


reid0 t1_j6hyu7p wrote

Acknowledge that you were, and are still, being silly.