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joeblo987123 t1_j4rxebk wrote

Apple is the only remaining FAANG without large scale layoffs


The_Griddy t1_j4s6mla wrote

Google has not had layoffs


AntifaDoesntExist t1_j4ti0dw wrote

Google was laying people off last year. True innovators.


neuronexmachina t1_j4wkojl wrote

Do you have a source for that? According to this they haven't had layoffs yet, but it's widely expected they'll announce them in the near future:

>Although several major companies across the tech industry have announced mass layoffs as rising inflation and uncertain macroeconomic conditions fuel recession fears, Alphabet Inc., the parent company of search giant Google, has been obviating this undesirable. The tech behemoth is yet to announce any major layoff, despite several reports of upcoming job cuts inside the company.
However, Alphabet employees will not be immune to this industry-wide layoffs for too long. Employees at Google anticipate an imminent announcement of a huge layoffs, according to reports.
In November, The Information had reported that Alphabet was planning to lay off nearly 10,000 low performing employees starting early 2023 in order to curb costs.
Slumping ad market has weighed heavily on Google's bottom line, which in turn has made investors urge the company to seek avenues to cut expenses. Executives at Alphabet are seemingly more focused to cut down costs of projects and make the company more efficient.


AntifaDoesntExist t1_j4wn0td wrote

I live in Seattle and work here. They do small layoffs all the time, which gets a lot less attention. Here's a 'source' for one such event:

This isn't even the one I was thinking of though. They hit GCP support a while back. That's the one that raised some eyebrows. People briefly questioned what direction GCP was headed when it happened, because everyone else was on a hiring spree. No time to dig for media coverage on it right now.