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Veranova t1_j5tn8zz wrote

> The M2 Pro system scored 2929 MBps write and 2703 MBps read using the AJA System Test Lite benchmark. Its M1 Pro-based predecessor scored 3450 Mbps on the write test and 4081 MBps on the read test.

That’s still ludicrously fast.

The tl;dr is the SSD chip configuration is 2 chips vs 4 chips in the larger configuration. Same deal as we saw with some configs last year

Samsung’s 980 NVMe drive by comparison does 3200/2300 in sequential tests


Ancient_Persimmon t1_j61ekz2 wrote

That and the upgrade price to the 1TB isn't ludicrous either. IIRC, that SSD is in the 5-6GBps range.


morgichor t1_j5t8w5k wrote

Yea but these SSDs are still blazing fast for 95% of day to day tasks.


[deleted] t1_j5tfiea wrote