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Witty-Village-2503 t1_j3z32fq wrote

Enact user protection laws for social media: 🙅‍♂️

Ban non-american owned competitor to Meta: 😃✨


Infamous_Yogurt2858 t1_j3zyvfx wrote

I'm no expert, but it seems as though the broader the bill, the more exposed it would be to legal challenges.


jone_net OP t1_j40y2gg wrote

I agree. We need incremental steps.


TheLianeonProject t1_j3y6nt7 wrote

This is a very dark road to go down. Banning foreign apps in the name of "national security" is exactly the same justification used in authoritarian countries.

If Congress is genuinely concerned about user privacy and algorithms....then pass a bill that applies to ALL companies, including American ones.

Notice that this discussion is not even on the table.


twenty7w t1_j3ya8lg wrote

A "digital bill of rights" if you would.