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CaldwellYSR t1_j5uj6cv wrote

I wonder which politicians sold their Google stocks this week.


CockGoblinReturns t1_j5wqcl1 wrote

I should intern for nancy pelosi and steal all her stock secrets when she isn't looking.


another_new_username t1_j5unnq8 wrote

This kind of pisses me off. I have one option for my electric company, one for water and gas, one ISP, etc., so I can get gouged, but god forbid some multi million dollar company has to pay an extra 6 cents to have an ad shown.


blibblub t1_j5vd2b1 wrote

Your electric, water, gas company are highly regulated. They can’t just raise your rates unless there’s good reason and they need permission often. Your ISP choices should be more than one.. if not you can get satellite, fios etc.


Banana42 t1_j5wn6eb wrote

"Good reason." Privately owned utilities are a sham


mauginra t1_j5xajuz wrote

The "good reason" is that if there were multiple companies in one area, since they are private, they wouldn't share telephone poles, water mains, sewage systems, gas lines... the list goes on. Each company would have their own, and it would be a mess.

I agree that it would be better to have a socialized utility system, but if it's private, it is actually better to have one highly regulated company.


ForGoodies t1_j5xlmjz wrote

in what city is there more than one provider providing adequate speeds


blibblub t1_j5zpod3 wrote

I don't know about the rest of the country. I do know in my city.

At my house I had spectrum and switched over to FIOS. I also have the option for Directv. So that's 3 providers. I don't know how good Directv would be though since its satellite but both spectrum and FIOS are super fast.


PineBarrens89 t1_j5viyyj wrote

Those are natural monopolies. You wouldn't want multiple companies digging pipes under your house and being able to supply you with water.

That would make things much more expensive.

That's why things like water/electric are highly regulated.


DarkWasp14 t1_j5vxy0n wrote

Would you be open to making the internet a utility like a landline? It’s certainly vital and important for everyday life now.


Kayman42 t1_j5vyfdo wrote

Internet access should absolutely be regulated like the vital utility it is.


Sporesword t1_j5wd4c1 wrote

ISPs are not natural monopolies they are the result of bullshit backroom deals.


Ayjayz t1_j5wep71 wrote

Has this ever been observed? Has a free market ever led to a natural monopoly happening? It seems like all of the time, the government says that something is a natural monopoly and then creates an artificial monopoly.


SIGMA920 t1_j5x4ybs wrote

Yes. See ISPs, any kind of utility like electricity, and anything on a state to state scale. On that scale it's not cheap and it's the main problem with them having competition.


Ayjayz t1_j5y4ae8 wrote

Has this been observed? Or are you guessing?


SIGMA920 t1_j5yx2z7 wrote

Yes. The cost of building out networks for an ISP is cost-prohibitive even when you have everything going for you for example. You don't see 5 different pipes being dug by 5 different water companies, .etc .etc.


Ayjayz t1_j60b56p wrote

Can you give an example, then? Which countries had a natural monopoly before the government intervened?


SIGMA920 t1_j60dhdk wrote

Countries? What does the country matter when it comes to an industry being a natural monopoly?


Ayjayz t1_j60dykv wrote

You tell he. You're the one claiming that natural monopolies exist. Which countries or industries have had natural monopolies, and in what regions and industries? What real-world evidence are you basing your belief on?


aaramini t1_j5v3t4w wrote

Except that you're pretty much always connected and Google is pretty much always violating your privacy and raping your data, which you gave away for free

Big tech can eat my a$$


another_new_username t1_j5vy2y8 wrote

My complaint isn't that Google shouldn't take an L, it's that the only time someone has to take one is when it affects someone with money.


aaramini t1_j5v87ay wrote

downvoted by Google shills? these are well known facts.


eskimobrother319 t1_j5yrhqs wrote

>multi million dollar company has to pay an extra 6 cents to have an ad shown.

I think it’s more of the millions of small but being ripped off


Caraes_Naur t1_j5unkqc wrote

Google's web ad monopoly has been in place since they bought Doubleclick in 2007.


goldfaux t1_j5umdcu wrote

Microsoft is laughing right now. They probably hurt google more by using chrome as their new default web browser too.

edit: Chrome (Microsoft Edge is built off of Chrome browser)


0pimo t1_j5un9zo wrote

It's built off Chromium, which is open source. They can literally just keep developing it.


crazydoc253 t1_j5usph4 wrote

And also by building a better one.


hexguns t1_j5uzxpn wrote

Microsoft bought DOS.

Microsoft stole the mouse and window design off of Apple, who it stole it from xerox.

Microsoft first computer was all IBM parts.


aaramini t1_j5v3gz7 wrote

So what you're trying to say @/u/hexguns is that Microsoft has been and is always totally innovating 🤣 (yes, sarcasm) 👍


dkran t1_j5vipbw wrote

Don’t forget when they were losing ground and tried to deep-six Linux. Or in the words of Ballmer “I’ll fucking kill Linux”


aaramini t1_j5vltzj wrote

Totally... and later on... "Microsoft is proud to announce: Windows Subsystem for Linux!"


dkran t1_j5vm485 wrote

It’s WSL. Linux subsystem for windows would be WINE emulator I suppose.

I do admire Microsoft trying to get directx working in the Linux kernel, but I’m sure it’s mostly self serving stuff.


aaramini t1_j5vmncy wrote

Yes, I caught that just before I saw your comment and then fixed it.


dkran t1_j5vmvjo wrote

Haha, excellent. Now I’m the loser in the comments.

If Microsoft and SCO can’t win I think we’ll be safe. That only leaves Larry Ellison as a demon.


aaramini t1_j5vovg2 wrote

Don't forget about FB and the US election interference allegations (not picking a side, just saying those investigations happened) lol


dkran t1_j5vp1fr wrote

Honestly nowadays shit is so partisan and crappy I’m not sure there’s a side to take, regardless of how far you lean.


sschuler7 t1_j5x7xpi wrote

Wine Is Not an Emulator. That's the acronym for anyone who hasn't heard it before. Its an API call translator.


squirrelnuts46 t1_j5wft6g wrote

What causes brain damage that makes you write things like

> @/u/hexguns

> 🤣 (yes, sarcasm) 👍

on Reddit?

Serious question, just trying to stay safe. What dis? Instagram?


hexguns t1_j5wlsc9 wrote

I have expressive aphasia, but hexguns is old user name for shooter games, hex = 6 guns.


squirrelnuts46 t1_j5wn1ic wrote

Oh I wasn't picking on your username but rather all the symbols the other guy added around it...


aaramini t1_j60w8mp wrote

Oh, um maybe I should've made it a hashtag (#) instead to satisfy someone who is clearly trolling and missing the point. My bad. I'd love to stay and argue all day, but this isn't Twitter either and I have other stuff to do with my time.

Smells like a Microsoft fanboi. Maybe I spent too much time using a Windows phone or a dumbed down OS like Windows 8/8.1/10 and that caused the brain damage, because MS doesn't know if it wants to be a Server, a desktop OS, a phone (fail) or a Fisher Price toy. Probably the latter.

Or maybe the same thing that causes someone to write "What dis?" instead of "What's this?" to look cool.


squirrelnuts46 t1_j617god wrote

Hold on, Microsoft?..

Ahhh, are you saying that damage was done just by being an iOS user? I was honestly asking seriously, man. Thanks, I'll stay away from iOS then. Just FYI: most non-iOS people don't become fans of random corporations (not in ways that affect their day-to-day behavior anyways) so your attempt to counter by attacking M$ looks really cute lol

>to look cool

Bahaha I'd never thought that'd make me look cool, thanks for the chuckle.


aaramini t1_j61blhv wrote

At least attacking a faceless corporation which has had, and still has, some shady business practices is better than attacking an individual, which is what people without any real counter point do.

I don't care about Apple/iOS, Linus/linux, Stallman/GNU, Gates/M$/Windows, or Sergey/Page/Alphabet/Google. They all suck because every OS/big tech company sucks in one way or another. You might have realized that if you've ever worked for one of them.

And all the "symbols" this "other guy" added was mainly 1 symbol... in the singular form and prefixing said username. The rest was to let others know the intention and mood of my statement to preclude anyone from taking it too seriously while also giving a thumbs up to the comment of the user I was replying to.

But, nevertheless, it happened anways. A user (troll?) took me too seriously. Why does one symbol, intentional or not, equal brain damage? @, is short for "at" or means "I am directly addressing this user". I guess, having been online since 1993 (not counting dialup BBS in the late 80's) it's hard to remember all the keywords and correct usage of syntax on all the various platforms and forums that have blessed or (mostly) cursed humanity and have come and gone over the decades. Out of context, "@" was usually in front of a channel operator's name on IRC. But in this context, it simply means I am talking directly to a specific user.

I am sorry if your personal life tradgedy/tradgedies have affected your ability to grasp such a concept or construct/convention.


squirrelnuts46 t1_j61gsj0 wrote

So when you feel attacked personally, is it because you disagree that behaving in a way that is non-typical on a platform and is annoying to others can be seen as a form of brain damage? What word would you prefer people used instead? "Deformation"?


aaramini t1_j61kcfr wrote

How about "defamation"... of character. Sorry, I don't spend a lot of time on reddit, so forgive me for not knowing the etiquette of this specific platform. I'd rather do something more constructive like help others figure out and solve problems on Linus Tech Tips, SO, SE or similar.

But I've fed you enough for today. DoorDash/Grubhub/Uber Eats will be delivering a nice cold meal in a few days (because those companies suck too). I just haven't located you via your Google/Apple maps tracking device yet to determine which particular bridge you happen to live under currently. Pardon the delay.


squirrelnuts46 t1_j61o0mu wrote

Now you know. You're welcome. I was intentionally rude to leave an imprint in your brain by the way. Now you know that too.


aaramini t1_j61z8ap wrote

Well you didn't leave any logical imprint. All I know is that this is a free platform to express one's thoughts, ideas and opinions. Some of which people may or may not agree with. But regardless of that, people should be respectful to each other and if my style of expressing myself (for clarification purposes) irks or annoys you, too bad. That doesn't warrant a personal attack, just so you know. Expressing an opinion about a publicly held company is free game. People do it all the time. And I studied English, grammar, punctuation, etcetera, so I don't care if my expression of opinion about Microsoft or any other company wasn't formatted to your liking. The world is bigger than your backyard.

And the fact that you accused me of having brain damage for expressing an opinion in a way you personally didn't like, yet I didn't harass or offend anyone personally in my original comment, shows that you had me living rent free in your brain before you even replied to my comment. lol But you might be the has to have the last word kind of user, so it's pointless for me to respond any further to someone who isn't interested in making logical arguments or having an exchange of ideas or opinions backed by examples and facts. lol Your reply to my original comment basically amounts to troll bait.

But at least you got a chuckle out of it and I was lmao the whole time.


squirrelnuts46 t1_j620dae wrote

You're clearly triggered to be writing that much so it did leave an imprint.

>has to have the last word kind

Said he, writing a lengthy response to my message 🤣 (yes, sarcasm) 👍

Bye now?


aaramini t1_j621erk wrote

More like bored while waiting for my dinner at a restaurant lol k bye.


crazydoc253 t1_j5v7wwz wrote

Apple did not buy anything ? Also Microsoft has already has already gone under one antitrust hearing


aphasial t1_j5wv8fp wrote

Most of the rampant chaos of Big Tech happened under the Obama Administration (with the Silicon Valley to DC pipeline), but this is one thing that can be blamed squarely on the Bush Admin.

Google should NEVER have been allowed to buy Doubleclick, and the conflict of interest between search engines and ad networks should have been clearly called out and thus the markets kept distinct.

The internet (and world) would be a lot different now if that'd happened.


JEEPFAN123 t1_j5w2nj0 wrote

And Nancy Pelosi sold $3 million dollars worth or Google stocks last month 🧐


ElemLight t1_j5xk7t6 wrote

Germany is also preparing to sue


bkornblith t1_j5yfx3k wrote

Good. About fucking time.


JadeitePenguin1 t1_j5zxg0f wrote

I really hope this starts a break up of big tech companies because frankly they have gotten WAY too big.


themuntik t1_j5w2hkd wrote

That word, I don't think it means what you think it means.