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TheJawsofIce t1_j6ou4xj wrote

Why in god's name would Paypal need 28,500 employees to begin with? I realize it's a big important company, but that just seems insane to me.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j6p1uog wrote

That includes call centre reps and other low-level jobs


TheJawsofIce t1_j6pgipx wrote

It might not though - it might only include direct-hire employees, they could have a bunch of contractors who aren't included here.

Edit - what I mean to say is, those low-level employees might be all or mostly contractors who aren't counted among the 2,000 or the total.

Edit 2 - but of course I'll never know, because I'm not reading the article.


hawkeye224 t1_j6p297a wrote

The thing is, if you now look at any company and try to guesstimate the number of employees, it's going to be at least an order of magnitude higher than what you thought.

I'm pretty sure that companies doing similar stuff in e.g. 2000-2005 were like 1/10th the size, yet managed to get work done (and without the supposed productivity/automation improvements tools that appeared since that time..).

Michael Burry thinks there's something called a "white collar bubble" and I agree with him. There's a book about "bullshit jobs" which also explores this topic.


DangerousAd1731 t1_j6oj09x wrote

If you’ve tried to contact PayPal support in the past few months, you’ll know how hard it is to have them help you. This is bad news for anyone that still uses them.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j6opx6j wrote

That's a lot of companies from my experience. Seems it's a lot cheaper for some to just be seen as a shitty customer experience than investing in people/policies that help. Otherwise I'd imagine they wouldn't do it.


phalewail t1_j6pidr5 wrote

Yep, even this year when I've been on hold to some large corporations they still blame long wait times on covid-19.


MrZimothy t1_j6onl7c wrote

Sucks for employees but also: fuck you, paypal. Die in a fire.


anavriN-oN t1_j6ous47 wrote

As all of these companies, they became too greedy.

I was a PayPal customer for years and did most of my invoicing through them. They gradually increased their fees up until the point they charged me almost 6% on each invoice.

That’s when I left. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.


RoddBanger t1_j6oulj5 wrote

Maybe they finally fixed all the terrible software and they're done? Oh wait,it still runs like shit across every platform... my bad.


Ok-Welder-4816 t1_j6p23wt wrote

Does anyone actually use paypal anymore? I think the only thing I've used them for in the past 5 years is getting my Rakuten cashback, because it was the only decent option. Which I assume means they paid Rakuten for exclusivity.


dirtynj t1_j6p8ske wrote

I use it all the time. Ebay, on my phone, sending money. I used it often before venmo became so popular. I still prefer paypal over venmo. I also like not having to put my actual CC number into websites/online systems.


aquarain t1_j6p6k0l wrote

I use them for buying from random online stores and sending money.


Infinite-Cobbler-157 t1_j6p9ad0 wrote

What was inflation at again? Funny how all these companies are laying off at the rate of inflation :)


Antony_Aurelius t1_j6pd3qb wrote

So then did companies consistently lay off 2-3% of their workforce each year when inflation was "normal"?


Infinite-Cobbler-157 t1_j6pdem1 wrote

Huh? Normal years you’d hit YoY budgets. Inflations have put pressure on budgets. Easiest way to hit budget. Cut humans


ersatzgiraffe t1_j6oot4i wrote

How about a law that you can’t fire more than 1000 people at a time without getting rid of the CEO too?