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Pandatotheface t1_j4i3d00 wrote

Manhattan is 27x smaller than London though because London is a massive sprawling mess compared to Manhattan which is just the city centre, so to the same scale it would have 400,000, but then you're comparing the density of Manhattan to the whole of London which isn't exactly a fair comparison either.

Misread the title and forgot to include the other two areas, total area makes London 4.4x larger, so 66,000 cameras to London's 950,000 comparative to area. So yeah, pretty fucked.

Another interesting fact I picked up while I was googling though was that there are 15,000 cameras just in the London underground.


protossaccount t1_j4jo674 wrote

I believe many of them do not work, I lived in London ages ago though, so maybe they are better.


[deleted] t1_j4i5v7b wrote

Didnt realize Brooklyn and the Bronx were in Manhattan… /s

The Bronx is gigantic and Brooklyn isnt exactly small either


kneeonball t1_j4ic4tv wrote

Your comment makes it sound like Brooklyn is smaller than The Bronx. The Bronx is 42.47 square miles and Brooklyn is 69.5 square miles. For reference, Manhattan is 22.82.