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Hugegodamnrat t1_j4idx1k wrote

Complete bullshit. We live in a country that’s somehow increasingly authoritarian, but somehow violent crime is on the rise more than ever. none of this bullshit works.


tomtom5858 t1_j4ikj71 wrote

Violent crime is quite significantly down, despite the spike in 2020. That's just the lie they feed you to justify their actions (even if you know it doesn't help).


hedgetank t1_j4nadp2 wrote

Justify their actions, justify encroaching on civil rights, justify outrage and to keep the political donations flowing. Nothing gets votes and money like fear, baby.


tomtom5858 t1_j4nhw27 wrote

Nothing gets people to vote conservative like fear. You can't get progressive votes with fear politics.


Hugegodamnrat t1_j4iq14v wrote

Yeah…whatever you say. I wish it was that way and that’s what the news been saying. But that’s definitely not what most of us are seeing with our own eyes. Is it REALLY going down or is it just being prosecuted and reported significantly less?


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j4iy691 wrote

Let me guess, you also think there's a migrant caravan at the border that magically wasn't there when trump was in office?


nox66 t1_j4j7rmx wrote

After everything you saw from police departments in 2020, do you really think it's that infeasible that they're being more careless about recording proper crime numbers?


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j4k6dol wrote

Wouldn't they want to over count to justify their jobs?


nox66 t1_j4k6sku wrote

If there was even a sign that they would get proper oversight, maybe. And the average cop is not going to suddenly be on their best behavior. They're just going to be lazier, because you can't get in trouble if you don't get involved.


Hugegodamnrat t1_j4j43f8 wrote

That’s not what I believe at all. Hell no. I hope nobody thinks I’m a trumpie. I’m just very skeptical of crime statistics because what I see around me is the absolute opposite and it’s rising, but granted, I live in a historically pretty bad area.

And I do think that some people (probably a increasing number) just don’t report things that happened to them (especially sex crimes)

But either way if it’s going up or down we can still agree that whatever this is, it’s bullshit.


tomtom5858 t1_j4j091t wrote

I'd advise you look into the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. The media talking about it causes you to notice what's there more, rather than there actually being an increase in crime.


Hugegodamnrat t1_j4j6b7s wrote

I did check the crime rate index and my neighborhood is doing significantly shittier recently (as a exception), so maybe that explains my perspective. That doesn’t speak for the whole nation though so you’re right on that.

Increasing or decreasing crime, we can still agree that this is scary, a waste of taxpayer money, and nothing good will come out of this sort of technology becoming more commonplace.


mmnnButter t1_j4j8bn3 wrote

Its not build for you. Crimes against the rich are declining


turbotum t1_j4j3u14 wrote

It works great, they just lie about what it's for.