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[deleted] t1_j4iq828 wrote

Had a tire slashed in Brooklyn last year. Got a photo of the guy standing next to my car holding a knife. The cops came and said unless I had a video of him putting the knife in the tire there is nothing they can do. They didn't even bother writing a report.


EmeraldFalcon89 t1_j4j5s4r wrote

gave them the license plate of the car that totaled mine

'we don't have any way of verifying if that's true' was the nicest response I got before they started to more directly imply that I was trying to frame a random guy or commit fraud of some kind.

they couldn't update or add information to the police report and told me 'the detectives' would call me about the case - surprise, they did not.


mmnnButter t1_j4j8t7n wrote

slash a cops tire and theyll 'fear for their lives'