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Hugegodamnrat t1_j4hwyik wrote

And you know despite it being dystopian as fuck, it’s not gonna stop a single real criminal that I care about.


baddfingerz1968 t1_j4ic35q wrote

And the technology is FAR from infallible still. People have been sent to prison on bogus convictions based on faulty facial recognition evidence. It doesn't work reliably yet law enforcement keep doubling down and utilizing it.



[deleted] t1_j4jasc8 wrote

Cameras still have trouble even seeing people with darker skin tones properly, and we're using them to "facially recognize" people for legal purposes. Just a bunch of lazy fucks who don't wanna do their own jobs over relying on technology is all it is if you ask me.


baddfingerz1968 t1_j4jghf3 wrote

Yes, imagine your life being ruined over a mistake. Even financial compensation often cannot remedy that.


pilzenschwanzmeister t1_j4k9edt wrote

No amount of money could compensate me for a single night in American prison.


dont-speak-of-this t1_j4kwz8s wrote

Who’s prison would you prefer?


elRigs83 t1_j4lmrj5 wrote


baddfingerz1968 t1_j4nv4jm wrote

Your life would still be in shambles. Heavy stigma and loss of rights after a felony conviction. Though I have read that these progressive countries are doing a good job of reforming the correctional systems, making them more humane.


Hugegodamnrat t1_j4idx1k wrote

Complete bullshit. We live in a country that’s somehow increasingly authoritarian, but somehow violent crime is on the rise more than ever. none of this bullshit works.


tomtom5858 t1_j4ikj71 wrote

Violent crime is quite significantly down, despite the spike in 2020. That's just the lie they feed you to justify their actions (even if you know it doesn't help).


hedgetank t1_j4nadp2 wrote

Justify their actions, justify encroaching on civil rights, justify outrage and to keep the political donations flowing. Nothing gets votes and money like fear, baby.


tomtom5858 t1_j4nhw27 wrote

Nothing gets people to vote conservative like fear. You can't get progressive votes with fear politics.


Hugegodamnrat t1_j4iq14v wrote

Yeah…whatever you say. I wish it was that way and that’s what the news been saying. But that’s definitely not what most of us are seeing with our own eyes. Is it REALLY going down or is it just being prosecuted and reported significantly less?


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j4iy691 wrote

Let me guess, you also think there's a migrant caravan at the border that magically wasn't there when trump was in office?


nox66 t1_j4j7rmx wrote

After everything you saw from police departments in 2020, do you really think it's that infeasible that they're being more careless about recording proper crime numbers?


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j4k6dol wrote

Wouldn't they want to over count to justify their jobs?


nox66 t1_j4k6sku wrote

If there was even a sign that they would get proper oversight, maybe. And the average cop is not going to suddenly be on their best behavior. They're just going to be lazier, because you can't get in trouble if you don't get involved.


Hugegodamnrat t1_j4j43f8 wrote

That’s not what I believe at all. Hell no. I hope nobody thinks I’m a trumpie. I’m just very skeptical of crime statistics because what I see around me is the absolute opposite and it’s rising, but granted, I live in a historically pretty bad area.

And I do think that some people (probably a increasing number) just don’t report things that happened to them (especially sex crimes)

But either way if it’s going up or down we can still agree that whatever this is, it’s bullshit.


tomtom5858 t1_j4j091t wrote

I'd advise you look into the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. The media talking about it causes you to notice what's there more, rather than there actually being an increase in crime.


Hugegodamnrat t1_j4j6b7s wrote

I did check the crime rate index and my neighborhood is doing significantly shittier recently (as a exception), so maybe that explains my perspective. That doesn’t speak for the whole nation though so you’re right on that.

Increasing or decreasing crime, we can still agree that this is scary, a waste of taxpayer money, and nothing good will come out of this sort of technology becoming more commonplace.


mmnnButter t1_j4j8bn3 wrote

Its not build for you. Crimes against the rich are declining


turbotum t1_j4j3u14 wrote

It works great, they just lie about what it's for.


TakeTheWheelTV t1_j4jvvch wrote

And in San Francisco, they’ve already approved robots with lethal force. Should play out well…


baddfingerz1968 t1_j4jw7ls wrote

Shit is going to be looking like Robocop soon.


Vashsinn t1_j4l2jsk wrote

It's already looking like watchdogs but shitty.


hedgetank t1_j4na6gj wrote

Clara's death in Watchdogs was absolutely shit. SHe deserved better.



Curious_Charge9431 t1_j4jqee6 wrote

Well they can't be too successful at fighting crime. After all, if the NYPD managed to find a recipe which eliminated crime, it would be an existential threat to them. Policing as an institution need crime to survive.

As for these cameras, the huge "NYPD" branding on the cameras says a lot to me. It's not NYC branding, it's not NY state branding, it's not no branding at all, it's police branding. The branding is for the purpose of dominance. This system is more about dominance than it is anything else.


mrdevil413 t1_j4ivrza wrote

Nope. But when they fuck up they use it to track Jason Bourne for days


Ilookbetterthanyou t1_j4j7gs0 wrote

2% if the time they'll use it for a crime, 98% to tell your employer you weren't really sick but shopping.


kitchen_clinton t1_j4knbsg wrote

And if one of the cops does something wrong(Epstein) the camera will not be operational.


kingmayo t1_j4kzaft wrote

Well if YOU don’t care then it’s worthless


acrowandababy t1_j4hshkf wrote

950,000 cameras in London bitches. No, really.


Pandatotheface t1_j4i3d00 wrote

Manhattan is 27x smaller than London though because London is a massive sprawling mess compared to Manhattan which is just the city centre, so to the same scale it would have 400,000, but then you're comparing the density of Manhattan to the whole of London which isn't exactly a fair comparison either.

Misread the title and forgot to include the other two areas, total area makes London 4.4x larger, so 66,000 cameras to London's 950,000 comparative to area. So yeah, pretty fucked.

Another interesting fact I picked up while I was googling though was that there are 15,000 cameras just in the London underground.


protossaccount t1_j4jo674 wrote

I believe many of them do not work, I lived in London ages ago though, so maybe they are better.


[deleted] t1_j4i5v7b wrote

Didnt realize Brooklyn and the Bronx were in Manhattan… /s

The Bronx is gigantic and Brooklyn isnt exactly small either


kneeonball t1_j4ic4tv wrote

Your comment makes it sound like Brooklyn is smaller than The Bronx. The Bronx is 42.47 square miles and Brooklyn is 69.5 square miles. For reference, Manhattan is 22.82.


anotherNarom t1_j4iagqw wrote

Apples and Oranges.

You've compared 15,000 NYPD cameras with the combined total of every man and his dog, every shop, every home owner camera in London.

The web page you got the 950,000 from says the Metropolitan Police only has 3,000 CCTV cameras which is a fairer comparison to NYPD.



cannibal_man t1_j4ipiuu wrote

> 950,000 cameras in London bitches. No, really.

Sounds like a society which really doesn't trust itself.


[deleted] t1_j4lfxvv wrote

Modern society doesn’t. That’s obvious now. We are heading towards a massive global conflict


Apart_Imagination_15 t1_j4ibr0g wrote

remember that guy that shot up the commuter train? ~6'4 250lb bald black guy. he walked the streets for 3 or 4 days. a tipster turned him in. it's all bs.


EmeraldFalcon89 t1_j4j73fi wrote

he actually called the tip line and turned himself in. he didn't go anywhere and didn't hide.

NYPD commissioner says, "We were able to shrink his world quickly. There was nowhere left for him to run"


asdaaaaaaaa t1_j4hy07k wrote

From my experience, the issue isn't that there's no evidence (while that is a case a lot of the time), even when there is getting them to actually follow up or investigate is the wall you hit. Where I am, you can have camera footage, receipts, hell even their wallet they dropped, that doesn't mean they'll look into it or follow through. Heavily depends on who you are, and who the criminal(s) is.

Just seems like this will just exacerbate the already massive backlog issues they have, while also costing a ton more to operate the cameras and store the data.


[deleted] t1_j4iq828 wrote

Had a tire slashed in Brooklyn last year. Got a photo of the guy standing next to my car holding a knife. The cops came and said unless I had a video of him putting the knife in the tire there is nothing they can do. They didn't even bother writing a report.


EmeraldFalcon89 t1_j4j5s4r wrote

gave them the license plate of the car that totaled mine

'we don't have any way of verifying if that's true' was the nicest response I got before they started to more directly imply that I was trying to frame a random guy or commit fraud of some kind.

they couldn't update or add information to the police report and told me 'the detectives' would call me about the case - surprise, they did not.


mmnnButter t1_j4j8t7n wrote

slash a cops tire and theyll 'fear for their lives'


RollEmbarrassed9448 t1_j4hzdcf wrote

the issue is they will use it to misuse it to further their own ends, as in the article when they harassed a blm protester.


mmnnButter t1_j4j8vn5 wrote

you say misuse they say use. This is why they built it


cannibal_man t1_j4ipcuz wrote

I doubt they even have the maintenance staff to keep those cameras in operation. Many will probably be broken for weeks or even months before they get around to it.


I0I0I0I t1_j4hy27u wrote

Sales of Groucho glasses are gonna skyrocket.


vabeachkevin t1_j4i1ht2 wrote

Wear your mask. No face no case.


OkAmbition9236 t1_j4if2wl wrote

I work in a facial recognition area and this is correct, the system is far from awesome, sunglasses and a hat is enough to foil it.


Middleclasslifestyle t1_j4ikvu0 wrote

I couldn't understand during lock downs how criminals were caught on camera doing crimes without a face mask and glasses. Like the one time where a mask is ok to wear without seeming suspicious and you go and do crime without covering up in broad daylight was surreal to me


LawfulMuffin t1_j4iq55o wrote

Bro, have you ever tried committing a crime in a mask? You can barely breathe and it’s so uncomfortable! /s


cannibal_man t1_j4iptby wrote

Even without that, cameras don't deter criminals and crimes from being committed. They don't seem to care that cameras are catching their every brazen move.


swingside123 t1_j4jyb0k wrote

Can’t confirm. Porch pirate just smiled into the camera the last time they stole my package


Sweet-Sale-7303 t1_j4iorvc wrote

I am in the nyc area. Most of those cameras have horrible picture and they never get the face. Unless they don't show the good cameras on tv.


TheLandOfConfusion t1_j4j953g wrote

It’s the tradeoff between wide field of view, image quality, and price.

You want the camera to cover a wide area (otherwise you need a lot more cameras, which is expensive). That means they’re usually low focal length or fisheye (so you can’t get a clear image of small details like facial features)

The solution to that problem would be cameras that can swivel and zoom, which is too expensive.

Three options, and you can pick two. Usually they pick wide coverage and not expensive.


Norcalnomadman t1_j4johj0 wrote

The problem is the media needs to stop focusing on facial recognition . Facial recognition is only one part of the system. All the top systems track your entire body from your clothing color to gender to everything in between. They don’t need to be zoomed in close to do this , Couple this with heavy analytics and advanced search and playback functionality. I always chuckle when everyone goes on about the facial recognition part of these systems it the least scary part of them.


Fire2box t1_j4j34c5 wrote

Like Person of Interest but 1000 times worse.


Djaii t1_j4jmhqh wrote

You are being watched.


[deleted] t1_j4lg6xg wrote

Of course we are. Have a smart phone?

They’re watching, listening, following you and monitoring your internet and app usage.


Djaii t1_j4liymb wrote

… a system you asked for, to keep you safe. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. You've granted it the power to see everything, to index, order and …


ahintoflime t1_j4hwvaw wrote

At least half of them are broken


Lokeycommie t1_j4iqfi5 wrote

There should be a law where if anybody has imagery of me I should be able to pull that. I should have access to any images of myself on any surveillance, public or private.


jzoola t1_j4j2mgf wrote

“Welcome my son, welcome to the machine, Where have you been? It’s alright, we know where you’ve been”


SipTheBidet t1_j4jnop7 wrote

Except when there is an actual crime, then you get the grainy, blurry recording.


hedgetank t1_j4nar4y wrote

I was assured by popular media that the CSIs, who do the actual work instead of the detectives or police, can enhance a grainy photo to crystal clarity and determine a license plate # and a finger print even though the video was shot in 320p with high compresion.


kalipede t1_j4ihqwh wrote

This just in: cameras are racist!


bkornblith t1_j4kmqgb wrote

Anyone who knows the NYPD understands that they’re too lazy too ensure these cameras actually worked and aren’t blocked by bird shit etc. I don’t trust the NYPD to ensure they even fill out their own paperwork unless it pertains to them lying about overtime. I sure as hell don’t trust them to ensure their camera network works.


peter-doubt t1_j4hpcab wrote

Should do Staten Island... More stupid crimes per capita over there


mikebanetbc t1_j4iwi6m wrote

I heard the cameras on Jersey Street don’t deter anything


tommygunz007 t1_j4jrxsk wrote

Anyone remember the pipe bomb planted in a trash can in the west village? They backtracked that shit to some muslim extreemist in frickin New Jersey from like Tom's River or some shit. That's how far they can look into you


Heavy-Cap-4246 t1_j4iyem6 wrote

yeah America the land of the free where democracy is paramount ....


hedgetank t1_j4nax2d wrote

America, where concern over "Democracy" is more about concern that the other team is going to win and take power than actually giving a flying fuck about democracy. Just remember, it's okay when we do it. For the greater good (the greater good).

/sorta sarcasm, sorta depressingly accurate take on the state of team-sports-Us-vs-Them bullshit.


terminalblue t1_j4jvd4p wrote

and this shit should 100% illegal


night_dude t1_j4kbt56 wrote

I thought we'd collectively agreed, as a species, to not do this? Ffs


FlightAble2654 t1_j4kk20m wrote

More news, they haven't been able to keep one unit up for more than an hour in Harlem.


monchota t1_j4ky3zh wrote

Saddly not even close to Londons cameras.


driverguy8 t1_j4l9tv6 wrote

"Person of Interest" show.....


[deleted] t1_j4lf84g wrote

So as the very top of 1% begin to monitor the masses to a greater degree…who’s going to be monitoring them?


Zone_07 t1_j4iytw2 wrote

They "can use them" but they don't. They're only used for traffic tickets. No money in catching petty criminals.


Iwillnotbeokay t1_j4jcmj6 wrote

That’s why I always stare at the ground. That, and I don’t want to deal with society.


RandomXDXDXDXXX t1_j4jjxau wrote

Just keep wearing a face mask and/or wear IR Led glasses. Camera's can't see your face if you wear IR Led glasses.


[deleted] t1_j4jjzog wrote

Bronx? I thought it was "the Bronx". Are they going the way of "The" Sudan and "The" Ukraine?


chubba5000 t1_j4jzoyu wrote

Oh, just like Beijing…


alwaysmispells1word t1_j4k6zog wrote

>You are being watched. The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

POI was prophecy.


[deleted] t1_j4k883w wrote

No greater lengths have been taken to ensure the shooting of the wrong guy.


Chariotwheel t1_j4kjpth wrote

> “This sprawling network of cameras can be used by police for invasive facial recognition and risk turning New York into an Orwellian surveillance city,” says Matt Mahmoudi, Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights Researcher at Amnesty International.

Weird that the article doesn't mention Domain Awareness. It's not at risk, it's already fully in it for years.


blumpkinmania t1_j4kxzz3 wrote

A small group of elites leading us into the abyss. No way the average New Yorker is voting to allow the city to track their movements 24/7


Wukongiscool t1_j4lejb1 wrote

I want more cameras but on streets and roads! Seriously can we not waste money on facial recognition nonsense and instead just fine everybody speeding or going though red lights so those fines actually start doing things.


Oishii88 t1_j4m015z wrote

Sounds like China to me...


hardtobeuniqueuser t1_j4m3zxr wrote

i would have guessed the nypd would have far more cameras than 15000. if you had told me a million i'd have believed it.


Intelligent_Table913 t1_j4md654 wrote

Meanwhile the criminals in suits steal billions of dollars and evade taxes. In the off chance they are caught, they pay a small fine and sometimes end up making even more money by having to sell their assets.

Meanwhile us poors will be put in our place for stealing bread or shoes. The system is working as intended.

Here’s an idea. Maybe try addressing the material conditions of the people instead of gaslighting them or virtue signaling. If people can actually afford rent and access medical care without breaking the bank, or not spend their whole paycheck on bare essentials while corps raise prices willy nilly, maybe people won’t be desperate or give up hope. Just a thought.

But I guess corporate margins matter more than people’s lives.


AvocadoFair3872 t1_j4mgce5 wrote

What Person Of Interest episode is this from?


Beneficial-Group t1_j4mhz2v wrote

Go NYC !!! Nowhere to run to, baby ,,,nowhere to run, nowhere to hide


StugDrazil t1_j4mql3n wrote

And they still don’t prevent crime or help to prevent crime.


InsideFastball t1_j4ncy3t wrote

And yet, the city is rife with unsolved crime THAT OCCURS RIGHT ON THE STREETS.


43morethings t1_j4pciz1 wrote

Any time you meet an anti-masker bring up this situation and ask them how it feels to be an unwitting shill for the police state. Masks are a great way to beat facial recognition software and we have a perfect excuse to wear them all the time in public now.


DonMumbello t1_j4rrevb wrote

It’s ok they will only track the smokin hot babes anyway


Ok-Lingonberry-8538 t1_j4i2pms wrote

Tyrna be like China


terribleatlying t1_j4j65y4 wrote

At least they have low crime rates with the tradeoff. Here we just have tax dollars being spent and NYPD doing jack shit


FengLengshun t1_j4ongkb wrote

Low crime rates is more of a byproduct of lack of reporting and general culture of the people. There are a ton of well-documented case of kidnapping, abuse, and other shady stuff going on. They just never make it big because no one wants to report about it and deal with what that entails.

Humans are going to be humans everywhere, doesn't matter if it's in China, US, or everywhere else. The only thing that really is ever effective against crime is better economic situation, and even that wouldn't get rid of crimes entirely on its own. It's a complicated subject that's rarely ever one-dimensional like "China have low crime rates because they're authoritarian," or something like that.


Alert-Mud-672 t1_j4ijqcc wrote

Yeah Morgan freeman said it’s too much power and I believe him.


Dinglederple t1_j4iw8eq wrote

I bet they’re really going to concentrate on Williamsburg.


Antisocialite99 t1_j4j2mif wrote

There's a square in Spain named after a wwi war hero before he later went on to write a book. George Orwell Square.

It's now absolutely covered in cameras.


New-Analysis2346 t1_j4j651m wrote

Totally cool, good job NY. We all know the cops there are AWESOME!!


EvoEpitaph t1_j4jegc4 wrote

But can they see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon toast crunch?


padoinky t1_j4hv9rf wrote

Ain’t nothin compared to other major cities around the world


itsdone20 t1_j4ifmeo wrote

These are everywhere now. They even got speed cameras on every damn street.


kobeyoboy t1_j4j0rx9 wrote

Thank god I don’t plan on visiting the beautiful city of New York anytime soon. Though I wish I did in the past


clickwir t1_j4jepvv wrote

This should be illegal. Full up


BareNakedSole t1_j4ih7rr wrote

That’s why I only murder and steal in Queens and Staten Island. Much safer for me. Sometimes I treat myself and go to NJ or Long Island.