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TotallynotnotJeff t1_j6ds644 wrote

It's why I moved away from Samsung. Fucking Facebook app embedded itself like a damn virus


FutureOrBust t1_j6dyngs wrote

I have samsung and dont have the facebook app.


devanchya t1_j6e33jr wrote

Its based on what the carrier demands be installed.


erosram t1_j6e3ilc wrote

Fortunately, iPhones don’t have any meta apps no matter what carrier you use or country you’re in.


shamen_uk t1_j6eezqb wrote

Yeah but then you have to own an iPhone. I bought an iPhone 12 because I was excited by the privacy stuff from Apple. And I got rid of it after a year and went back to a stock android experience because it's so much better. Wouldn't go with Samsung either.

But anyway it turns out Apple is basically scanning your local files for law enforcement. I mean we all want CP gone, but fuck that shit.


SpiderFudge t1_j6f5ipr wrote

I don't know why you are getting so many down votes. This is a huge invasion of privacy. I stopped seeing Apple as a "secure" platform when the infinite reboot emote was discovered. I had to resist the urge to send all my friends phones into boot loops. Anyway, it's 2023 and Apple STILL doesn't have a modern GIF compatible keyboard.


gk99 t1_j6f7ifc wrote

Yeah, there's lots of things they don't have, like a fanbase that doesn't act like toxic vegans in some join-or-die cult, or software engineers that can figure out basic luxury features like Always-On Display in a reasonable timeframe.

The complete non-hassle of having to buy my phone from literally anywhere other than a carrier is really, really worth not owning an iPhone in my eyes. Can't imagine getting bullied by my phone manufacturer for having friends that don't have iPhones, I left middleschool and that level of behavior a long time ago.


DXNNIS_ t1_j6fbcvp wrote

Bro it's just a phone lol


erosram t1_j6fkzx5 wrote

You can see how butt hurt android users get by the number of downvotes I have for simply pointing out a fact.


throwthisidaway t1_j6ehyvt wrote

You can just disable it on Samsung. It's incredibly easy to do.


FlyingCockAndBalls t1_j6f7uhe wrote

disable. not uninstall.


Rodville t1_j6fal00 wrote

And with all the space taken by disabled but uninstallable apps mean only one or two decent size apps can fit.


EtherMan t1_j6fghr0 wrote

Apps you can only disable, are stored on a completely different segment of the rom. The space was never available for your play apps in the first place. The only thing preinstalled apps are competing for space with, are other preinstalled apps.


Rodville t1_j6fh37i wrote

Maybe so. But if the phone is billed as 16G and they use most of that up even if it's an area that your apps weren't meant to go on so you can only install one or two of your own is still a deception im my opinion and a really shitty thing to do.

Edit: iOS may use some of the 16G for the operating system and bloatware aps as well but not 12G of it like Android does, it was at most 2-5G.


Edit 2: "But you can add an SD card on Android." maybe so but it won't hold apps on it only pic and music. And even if you format it as system memory some apps will still not go to it or launch from it.


EtherMan t1_j6fj0iw wrote

No. That's not how it works. Again, the preinstalled apps only ever compete with other preinstalled. You cannot use that space for regular play store installed apps. Ever. The area isn't writable and has a size that is fixed based on the chipset that is being used.

Also, as someone that has actually used a 16gb 6s recently... You're just dead wrong on how much apple use up by the system. Out of those 16, less than 1g was actually available for use, with every single optional app removed. System itself takes up about 8 and "Other" takes up the rest.

Also, if you're running a 12g android on a 16g phone... Stop using chinese copies that are breaking licenses. 12G means it's full android, which isn't allowed on 16G phones and hasn't been for a long time. These days, 64G minimum for full android. Below that and it should be Android Go which is a stripped down version specifically for low end phones. It only uses about 5G for the system partition (where bundled apps go) as a maximum, though most roms will be even less.


allredidit t1_j6fnlvr wrote

> The area isn't writable and has a size that is fixed based on the chipset that is being used.

Do you have a source for this?

> Stop using chinese copies that are breaking licenses. 12G means it's full android, which isn't allowed on 16G phones and hasn't been for a long time.

And do you have a source for this?

I'm asking because neither match what I think I know about Android.


EtherMan t1_j6fr5wl wrote

>Do you have a source for this?

>And do you have a source for this?

While you could do aosp, since that's apache license, you can't use google play services for it unless you conform to their stricter licenses, such as for low end devices with 2gb of ram and/or 16gb storage, you're only licensed for android go, not full android.


allredidit t1_j6gg9yj wrote

Thank you for the links.

I don't see anything in the first link to support what you said about a chipset dependent, fixed size and non-writeable partition. I think the partition is still on flash and at least in theory, you can repartition the whole flash to set the sizes of your partitions as you wish.

Re. the second point, I see what you mean now. It revolves around licensing for Google Play, not the open source version of Android. Though I understand that it wouldn't make sense to try to sell an Android device without Google Play.


EtherMan t1_j6gzrfz wrote

I thought you wanted for how the system partition worked. That sizes are chipset dependent, is just experience. I'd suggest reading a lot on xda but I can't point to anything specific.

About selling without google play. Well, huawei is doing so, so you can, they have their own store. It's just not all that popular.


allredidit t1_j6i9ek3 wrote

Thanks for the info. Come to think of it, the Amazon Fire tablets are also Android devices sold without Google Play.


Helgafjell4Me t1_j6fegzv wrote

I just checked on my Verizon S21 and there's no Facebook app installed. I didn't remove it, it just wasn't there when I got it. So, they apparently aren't doing that anymore.


Mpikoz t1_j6eeelb wrote

You can get one unlocked.


AyrA_ch t1_j6fwftn wrote

You can, but some apps refuse to run if they detect that your phone is unlocked. The silliest that I found so far is the McDonalds app


IT_Tested t1_j6g3ac4 wrote

I have an unlocked phone and had no problems loading the mcdonals app. maybe they improved it since you tried?


AyrA_ch t1_j6gzo1y wrote

I use an S20 which uses hardware authentication to check for a locked bootloader.


Esava t1_j6hgx6x wrote

rooting your phone/unlocking the bootloader is VERY different from what people usually consider an "unlocked phone".

"locked" / "unlocked" in this regard is just about carrier locks like they are common in the US. Buying a phone through a carrier and the phone only working on that carriers network and it coming with preinstalled apps and receiving its updates through the carrier.

Buying a phone off for example amazon on the other hand will (afaik, in my country locked phones are illegal) have the phone "unlocked" -> not locked to any carrier -> only the "Samsung" preinstalled apps on it.
This will NOT trigger any KNOX protection like rooting your phone would, so your banking apps and yes the McDonalds app will work perfectly fine.


HotdogsArePate t1_j6gz1w3 wrote

It would be so funny if that app was what caused the exploding batteries.


bilby2020 t1_j6fguxt wrote

The app can be force stopped and then disabled.


Makenchi45 t1_j6h3ckd wrote

Eh I got a S22Ultra and it never came with Meta/Facebook anything. Surprisingly, it had actually fewer bloat apps than I expected.


i-dontlikeyou t1_j6gl6zu wrote

My last Samsung was the s5 I really hated it towards the end… battery would die with in a few hours and it was 1 year old phone. Switch to apple and never got facebook again… now i use my phones 2-3 years


hateitorleaveit t1_j6e7rcp wrote

Tough to use a Samsung without WhatsApp


tnguy931 t1_j6fe84l wrote

Why do you say that? I don't have it on my S21


hateitorleaveit t1_j6gisil wrote

Because android sms is unencrypted and not compatible with most other message platforms. Most users I know resort to what apps, signal, WeChat, or others. WhatsApp is just the most common and most relevant for this conversation. What do you use for messaging?


Esava t1_j6hh66a wrote

>Because android sms is unencrypted

No. SMS are simply not encrypted regardless of whether you send them from an iOS device or an android device.

If you message on an android phone with someone else with an android phone it wont use standard SMS but instead use RCS and this is encrypted.

This is the same as using an iPhone with iMessage when texting another device supporting iMessage. The fact that iPhones and Androids don't have encrypted texts between them is due to Apple not supporting RCS fully.


tnguy931 t1_j6gvvjb wrote

I just text. Yea it sucks about videos, but it's not that big a deal. There are other methods. I don't use any of those mentioned tho.


hateitorleaveit t1_j6gwrvv wrote

Really what if you have no service but you do have internet? Like on a plane or in a house with Wi-Fi but no service or traveling internationally? How do you group chats, share images, or feel confident your messages are going through at all or read? Just thinking of raw dogging sms stresses me out


tnguy931 t1_j6gxhnt wrote

I don't tend to use group chats often. I hate them, actually. Phones send thru wifi, so that's not an issue. I also send goofy stuff thru Snapchat or FB messenger. I hate Facebook, but I'm also not going to get rid of it...


Makenchi45 t1_j6h44gh wrote

Um you can text over wifi? You go into the settings and there's a toggle to use WiFi for text rather than cell service. I don't have whatsapp or wechat. I use 96% text, 2% discord, and 2% steam chat with the app.


hateitorleaveit t1_j6idw9t wrote

are you asking me?


Makenchi45 t1_j6ijzoz wrote

No. It's more of a sarcastic question mark. Because I already described how you can do it. That or you can't read worth a damn.