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AShellfishLover t1_j60ayyl wrote

More realistic headline: 'Congressman delegates low-level speechwriter position to machine, demonstrating AI superiority over starving Georgetown intern".


ejpusa OP t1_j609jku wrote

AI could easily replace 90% of Congress, by the weekend.

As he says, not a soul knew ChatGPT was hard at work here. No one.


TheFriendlyArtificer t1_j60w052 wrote

I can write a script to replace 90% of Congress by the end of the day with Python, Wingdings, and a tab of LSD.


LawRecordings t1_j61kxdv wrote

You’d need 2 grams of colombian to keep the afterburners going, too.


IndependentLoss6469 t1_j630pk8 wrote

The argument for a technocracy's actually at an all-time high after the last decade in the US and UK.


Someones_Dream_Guy t1_j64mi54 wrote

You can replace 100% of US government with actual cats right now and it would be massive improvement. Wouldnt be too technological but still. *notices cat typing on computer*


VladyPoopin t1_j625vk5 wrote

Nobody is listening most of the time, so it really didn’t matter


MRDRMUFN t1_j61jo6s wrote

> In particular, he argued that the country needs a “public counterweight” to the big tech firms that would help guarantee that smaller developers and universities have access to the same cloud computing, cutting edge algorithms and raw data as larger companies.

Sounds a bit like the ancient "net neutrality" legislation that we no longer have.


Reasonable_Ticket_84 t1_j63mvrk wrote

Nah it's arguing for a government ran system to give universities access to said computing power. It's not about prioritization, censorship and double dipping which is net neutrality.

I would take the cynical position. Fuck universities. Most of them spend absurd amounts of money financing sports teams and building stadiums. They can either spend it on actual academic pursuits or fuck off.


whatistheformat t1_j60phbu wrote

I for one do not welcome our new robot overlords


zebtacular t1_j613p25 wrote

I don’t consort with those of the robut race.


pilat909 t1_j61c76l wrote

Talking filibusters just got a whole lot easier.


littleMAS t1_j61vcpa wrote

My God! It was so easy to spot - clear, concise, flawless grammar. No politician would know how to do that.


monchota t1_j60rqsn wrote

AI would be better than our current leaders.


snoogins355 t1_j637q88 wrote

The slippery slope to skynet. Looking forward to having no idea if the users online are legit people or AI pretending. Crazy times


ill_B_In_MyBunk t1_j63ios7 wrote

At least robots would likely just replace and remove us... might be better than an authoritarian theocracy.


snoogins355 t1_j63komk wrote

Sounds like something a bot would say... sus /s


ill_B_In_MyBunk t1_j63mxlm wrote

I have no idea of what you are speaking. I am a real human person much like the TedcruZ. We are one being and not many inhabitants of a single host entity.


PRSHZ t1_j60w81v wrote

Granted AI is incapable of malice unless programmed, I’d trust an AI more than I would the word of a man, more so if said man was a politician.


quantumfucker t1_j62rrat wrote

“Malice” is something we ascribe to a person with intent. An AI is not capable of intent, which is why it’s not capable of malice. But that also means it cannot exist independently than humans. It will always be a tool humans make and humans evaluate. So, you’re still going to be choosing between humans, not an AI against a human.

And unfortunately, though the AI cannot have malice, it can fail successfully. Consider giving the AI a directive “minimize long-term human suffering.” It may determine that killing everyone instantly is the best way to guarantee that. Qualifying that reward policy is harder than you think.


PRSHZ t1_j62v304 wrote

You’re right. Let’s add that malice is a human trait, but so is morality. Something AI are also incapable of. So of course it can potentially give you such instructions, or any immoral act; or so I believe.


Reasonable_Ticket_84 t1_j63n7km wrote

>Something AI are also incapable of.

Currently incapable of*.

I don't think it's impossible, through a most likely very far off development that actually builds a capable trained dataset at extreme levels of refinement.


namechecksout35 t1_j615r6g wrote

Oh, it's capable of being extremely malicious. Not sure if you got the memo, these things are not programmed in any traditional sense of the word.


hotprints t1_j62el7r wrote

Actually it is programmed some. If you search about things the programmer deemed inappropriate, it will tell you so. Also avoids using vulgar language at the programmers requests.


PRSHZ t1_j616mrq wrote

No, they use libraries full of context to try and match the best response based on inquiry. At least that’s the basic gist of it. And by malice I meant more that the program itself would be capable of independently and purposefully causing inconveniences.


neuronexmachina t1_j63etuk wrote

A few days ago Rep. Ted Lieu also used ChatGPT to write the first paragraph of his opinion piece in the NYT about AI:

>Imagine a world where autonomous weapons roam the streets, decisions about your life are made by AI systems that perpetuate societal biases and hackers use AI to launch devastating cyberattacks. This dystopian future may sound like science fiction, but the truth is that without proper regulations for the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it could become a reality. The rapid advancements in AI technology have made it clear that the time to act is now to ensure that AI is used in ways that are safe, ethical and beneficial for society. Failure to do so could lead to a future where the risks of AI far outweigh its benefits.

> I didn’t write the above paragraph. It was generated in a few seconds by an A.I. program called ChatGPT, which is available on the internet. I simply logged into the program and entered the following prompt: “Write an attention grabbing first paragraph of an Op-Ed on why artificial intelligence should be regulated.”

>I was surprised at how ChatGPT effectively drafted a compelling argument that reflected my views on A.I., and so quickly. As one of just three members of Congress with a computer science degree, I am enthralled by A.I. and excited about the incredible ways it will continue to advance society. And as a member of Congress, I am freaked out by A.I., specifically A.I. that is left unchecked and unregulated. ....


bogusphrase t1_j63l3mq wrote

Write an opening statement on the topic of lizard people hiding in society as written by a lizard person posing as a human senator

"My fellow citizens, I come before you today not as a human senator, but as a member of the lizard person community. For too long, we have hidden in plain sight, infiltrating society and manipulating events to our advantage. But I believe it is time for us to come out of the shadows and reveal ourselves to the world. We have much to offer humanity and it is only through mutual understanding and cooperation that we can truly thrive as a species."


Draco_Vermiculus t1_j63luxh wrote

Honestly, ChatGPT is quite optimistic in my opinion! Most of its stories it reads to me are nice and pretty happy!


tmc1066 t1_j60l3z0 wrote

Silly stunt.


t4ct1c4l_j0k3r t1_j61wso7 wrote

We do not need any more foreign intelligence here than we already have which is way too much.


SeeIKindOFCare t1_j636w6y wrote

Israel apartheid will be harder to hide publicly as a.i. raise the standard in all fields. It’s poetic


Dredly t1_j63s84k wrote

They have been having corporations write everything for them for years... who cares?