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pe1irrojo t1_j6e8i0w wrote

...if these chips are common enough to be used in personal home computers then theres really no stopping anyone from acquiring them


E_Snap t1_j6fmrdl wrote

Right? This is kind of like how encryption was/is considered a weapon under ITAR. Except memorizing an algorithm before taking your flight is so much easier than smuggling computer parts.


random-incident t1_j6fn3aj wrote

Just look it up after you land.


E_Snap t1_j6fnowy wrote

Back when this was a land-you-in-jail-without-question issue, that wasn’t an option.


random-incident t1_j6fnsbk wrote

That was a pretty small window wasn’t it?


E_Snap t1_j6fr316 wrote

No, cryptography has been regarded as a weapon since WWII


random-incident t1_j6fstwo wrote

So you’re saying that you still can’t export strong encryption?


t0slink t1_j6hp4qm wrote

Lots of countries have encryption export controls even today.


non-member t1_j6fbxu3 wrote

That’s funny… we order PCs with top of the line CPUs and GPUs for work all the time, and they’re ALL shipped directly from China.

Pretty hard to “ban” China from getting and using stuff when companies actively work with Chinese companies to build and ship that stuff to customers around the world.


Zebra03 t1_j6g37az wrote

They are using capitalism against capitalist countries, there's nothing that can be done about it unless they are willing to lose out on cheap labour and products


KanadainKanada t1_j6gw2j0 wrote

A capitalist will sell you the rope he will be hanged with.


Zebra03 t1_j6h72ks wrote

This is one of the best quotes I have seen


GBreezy t1_j6gyqod wrote

They are getting i9s. You're acting like they are getting the launch codes. This is a clickbait story.


GetOutOfTheWhey t1_j6ibp05 wrote

It may be a clickbait story but somewhere there's an angry republican congressmen


[deleted] t1_j6h2acu wrote

Literally the US blocked them from key technology, why lie?


doncastiglionejr t1_j6gz0sg wrote

False. You know full well China makes companies share their tech to use to their advantage this is the cut off to stealing everything at will while screwing you on other things to their benefit. Nobody told China they had to play ball in the first place


[deleted] t1_j6h294c wrote

It is actually easy to ban.


Fallcious t1_j6lp9se wrote

By which you mean it is easy to legislate a ban and quite another thing to enforce a ban?


Biff_Malibu_69 t1_j6dqog7 wrote

China being China. They give zero turds.


norcalnatv t1_j6drni3 wrote

Exactly. Relationships are what it’s all about.


GBreezy t1_j6gyski wrote

I mean Taiwan is selling them the chips


Higuy54321 t1_j6jg8j4 wrote

How are you supposed to stop the Chinese government from buying a Nvidia GeForce 1080 Ti? That’s what they’re complaining about.

I can buy one off Amazon in the US. A Chinese consumer can buy one online. You can’t keep them from any government these unless you ban gaming pcs worldwide


SendLewdsStat t1_j6dt2fp wrote

Considering every bit it IT equipment I’ve purchased comes from China, how would you ban them from using something they are manufacturing…


ElectroFlannelGore t1_j6du0he wrote

I think you're being down voted because the chips are actually made in Taiwan. Or I don't know why... People have been flocking to defend China and things like TikTok recently.... I'm honestly starting to think they've hypnotized people.


SendLewdsStat t1_j6dujh9 wrote

I don’t care about votes, but the shipping address on nearly all Intel , Cisco , apple, dell, HP equipment I’ve been getting is from various places in the China. So how they assembled them with out the chips must be amazing…


ElectroFlannelGore t1_j6dvlv3 wrote

Yeah. They assemble things but they're not allowed to buy them. Wolf guarding the henhouse type of deal.

Of course thousands of chips are going to "fall off a truck"


ovirt001 t1_j6f98oa wrote

Although it really should be, it isn't a blanket ban on China receiving US chips. Specific companies connected to China's military are prohibited from receiving the chips (granted in a country like China this is meaningless because all companies are subject to the whims of the state). Chinese companies only assemble the final product and this is slowly changing as production moves to Vietnam and India.


EC_CO t1_j6erwod wrote

Pretty sure a lot of those 'defenders' are bots and paid Chinese communist supporters. They've been doing it for years


ElectroFlannelGore t1_j6esqnp wrote

Yeah those are easy to pick out. There's a lot of what appear to be real people "following the pack" though. It's really sad. Super disheartening.


bairbs t1_j6evi24 wrote

They're not real people online. Just make sure people around you in your day-to-day have their heads on straight and press them if it seems like they're slipping


ElectroFlannelGore t1_j6eypbf wrote

Lol I'm in the same one.

I said:

>Politics aside, it's not any more toxic than Reddit and Instagram.

>Disagree. It's how the information is presented that makes it so addictive and harmful. That's like saying,"Doritos are no worse than salted corn on the cob."


>However Instagram and Reddit and everyone else is trying to copy their secret sauce. The difference here is that the type of information presented won't be controlled by a CCP developed algorithm.

>It's been beaten to death but in China TikTok is full of science and maths and laudable people doing laudable things. That's what they expose their children to.

>In America, well, you see what American TikTok is...

and every single post on my account has started getting tons of Down votes.


bairbs t1_j6ezc12 wrote

Same haha

here's a tip to any trolls reading this: you'll have more luck and an easier work day slopping around on r/conservative. But at this point that place is mostly trolls and bots responding to each other


GBreezy t1_j6gyyjr wrote

That's the real thing. Taiwan is seeking PRC the chips. Adding America is just clickbait. This could literally be "Chinese buy iphones"


bairbs t1_j6eva85 wrote

It's all a massive troll army. I'm in another thread with people telling me that banning tiktok isn't constitutional. When I ask them what about it isn't constitutional, they usually shut up. Attack their statements directly, and don't let them get away with the nonsense


ovirt001 t1_j6f9ila wrote

They're told by their handlers to parrot this because they don't understand how freedom of speech works in relation to software. The US cannot ban American programs due to legal precedent. This does not carry over to foreign programs.


hzj5790 OP t1_j6dp804 wrote

From the Article:

"China’s top nuclear-weapons research institute has bought sophisticated U.S. computer chips at least a dozen times in the past two and half years, circumventing decades-old American export restrictions meant to curb such sales.

A Wall Street Journal review of procurement documents found that the state-run China Academy of Engineering Physics has managed to obtain the semiconductors made by U.S. companies such as Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp. since 2020 despite its placement on a U.S. export blacklist in 1997.

The chips, which are widely used in data centers and personal computers, were acquired from resellers in China. Some were procured as components for computing systems, with many bought by the institute’s laboratory studying computational fluid dynamics, a broad scientific field that includes the modeling of nuclear explosions.

Such purchases defy longstanding restrictions imposed by the U.S. that aim to prevent the use of any U.S. products for atomic-weapons research by foreign powers. The academy, known as CAEP, was one of the first Chinese institutions put on the U.S. blacklist, known as the entity list, because of its nuclear work.

A Journal review of research papers published by CAEP found that at least 34 over the past decade referenced using American semiconductors in the research. They were used in a range of ways, including analyzing data and generating algorithms. Nuclear experts said that in at least seven of them, the research can have applications to maintaining nuclear stockpiles. CAEP didn’t respond to requests for comment."


Specific-Salad3888 t1_j6dyrwb wrote

Until 2017 china couldn't even make a ball point pen. They now import the ball from it so they can make pens. China is a very low tech country who don't invest in r and d. In today's world it's getting harder to steal teach so they are worried. I've no doubt china will fall back into itself like the past and turn into a 3rd world country again. It had not even invented made glass for drinking, windows, reading etc from r 100s of years as it was chasing its own behind thinking China was a perfectly acceptable medium to drink from. Both the middle East, failing once they loose their oil exports and china with it's cheap that experts will fall back to 3rd world states


ovirt001 t1_j6f8ido wrote

The problem isn't their ability to produce anything, it's outsiders willingly handing them technology. So long as China is allowed access in some way to advanced technology they'll be a threat to their neighbors.


chockobumlick t1_j6el56f wrote

Why invest when can buy. ?

And they do the same with education. Grad school for the Chinese studdnt is in the USA


DeathKitten9000 t1_j6f48wf wrote

The current US weapons stockpile was designed on computers less powerful than a modern laptop. Back then we had the advantage of having a nuclear testing program. But it is also not clear to me compute is the biggest limitation in having a nuclear design program unless for some odd reason you're aiming for both high accuracy/precision in design simulations.


MarylandHusker t1_j6fy4vr wrote

The only reason I can think of that would point to precision/requirements for detailed calculations would be interception/avoiding interception. Even then.. I can’t really imagine you need that much computing power.


Xul-luX t1_j6g23xq wrote

watching this through a device made in china.


MpVpRb t1_j6fc8so wrote

Bans don't work

All they do is raise the price and shift the profit to the black market


diacewrb t1_j6i9k5q wrote

Yep, same with, alcohol, drugs and guns, etc.

We only started to see success in the war against drugs once we made weed legal.


physicswizard t1_j6l3oi3 wrote

Well by raising the price they also lower the demand, so it will have some effect. But if your sentiment is "bans will never completely eliminate the supply of this product", then I concur.


iamkurru t1_j6gzqzq wrote

These American blacklists make America look bad and out-of-date. If they're in personal computers, they're free for all. Stop being dumb.