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urgjotonlkec t1_j576zx1 wrote

I never said it did. Just pointed out the costs will be prohibitive as a result.


Youvebeeneloned t1_j57fpwx wrote

No they wouldn't... the costs are not entirely what are preventing it now, and the DOE was specifically targeting these for approval to reduce the actual building costs which are the highest part of the costs.

>DOE is also supporting the development of smaller reactor designs, such as microreactors and small modular reactors, that will offer even more flexibility in size and power capacity to the customer. These factory-built systems are expected to dramatically reduce construction timelines and will make nuclear more affordable to build and operate.,have%20also%20deterred%20public%20interest.


urgjotonlkec t1_j57guno wrote

We're talking about operating costs here, not construction costs.