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Delicious_Rabbit4425 t1_j6jdnrp wrote

I know nothing about this nothing phone.


anti-torque t1_j6jz6nz wrote

Nothing is a phone with no apps other than an essential core. If you want anything added to the phone, after purchase, that's on you, not the manufacturer who might be selling someone else's OS.

The reason the first one wasn't released in the US, other than beta testing, is because US carriers require the OS to integrate features specific to each carrier--certainly nothing to do with tracking and harvesting information.


iskilikecatpoo t1_j6nb9lx wrote

That’s true IF the phone is purchased through the carrier. There isn’t anything that prevents Nothing phones from being used on us networks.


anti-torque t1_j6nq6sp wrote

Good to know.

So I can buy one and then go to my carrier to activate it?


iskilikecatpoo t1_j6ogs18 wrote

So long as it has the appropriate radios it can be used on what ever US network you want. It’s why unlocked iPhones made in the past 4 can be used on any US carrier.


Elite_Jackalope t1_j6kv5bn wrote

This article could’ve been 20% the length if it didn’t repeat itself on every point five times and offer the anonymous author’s useless opinions lmao.

For anyone who doesn’t want to read the same shit over and over: Carl Pei, whose job title is never stated but I’m assuming founder/CEO, says that the Nothing Phone (2) will ship in the US because the Nothing Buds moved 1/3 of their entire volume in the states and they don’t want to miss out on that market.

end of article


Mike_the_TV t1_j6lijpx wrote

Gotta get those ad spaces in there every sentence.


Courtside237 t1_j6jbg6p wrote

I remember when a cordless phone was something only the cool kids had


dbneo t1_j6jsyim wrote

Didn't they say. they wanna focus on Nothing Phone 1 first?


jakeknisely t1_j6omkc9 wrote

It’s a good budget phone, but doubt it’ll pick up much traction with Apple dominating the smartphone market in the US. Android will always be the minority in America for the near future.


TheJadedSF t1_j6km3sj wrote

Meh I want something other than Android or iOS, which I know won't be happening anytime soon.