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realmastodon2 t1_j5q7vih wrote

VPNs won't hide you from tech companies. They can easily find out where you are. Not to mention, they can make you show hard proof you are in a city with an office. If they find out you lied you can be told you need to pay back a certain amount for lying about living in this city but living in another. This is why RTO was enforced. People always ruined a good thing.


asked2manyquestions t1_j5r5qcq wrote

I know that. You know that. Most people don’t.

I us d to work for a company where we had to know exactly where our software was being used from for legal reasons.

VPN doesn’t help with things like WiFi triangulation. They read all of the WiFi networks your receiver can see and compare it to a database of known WiFi networks that companies like Google sell.


realmastodon2 t1_j5ravei wrote

Tinfoil hat on: tech companies can just ask VPN companies about this IP and who uses it.

Reality they know your router.


asked2manyquestions t1_j5rjlb9 wrote

Any VPN company that released such information would likely not stay in business long.

It’s bad enough that some hand over the data to governments, but to corporations? Suicide.