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qtx t1_j5nw3n7 wrote

Nah fuck Starlink. This isn't just about researchers and scientists, this is about everyone. If Starlink puts up all 45k satellites then say goodbye to any nice sunset/sunrise photo you want to make. Say goodbye to any nightshot you want to make.

All your photos will be ruined with lightstreaks.

Most third world countries have better/cheaper internet than America, they don't need Starlink.

The people who want Starlink the most are Americans who want to live in the middle of nowhere but don't want to pay for good non-satellite internet.


Tyberculosis t1_j5o3l1y wrote

Preach it! I love looking to the night sky and all my astrophotography shots lately have at least one streak of this bullshit. I would gladly trade my internet for a proper night sky. But I also want to move to the middle of nowhere and don't care if I have cell phone or internet service. Why do they need such bright lights anyways? Honest question. Someone please teach me.


shadowinplainsight t1_j5o50yp wrote

It’s not that they have lights, it’s that they reflect the sunlight


Tyberculosis t1_j5o5h67 wrote

Thank you! I did not know this. That does make more sense than insanely bright lights.


Miami_da_U t1_j5xi1ke wrote

Starlink is invisible to the naked eye except immediately after launch when they are raising into their final orbit, and even then it is NOT during the middle of the night, it would be right after sunset and before sunrise. Also space is absolutely massive. Your photos are ruined more by planes overhead than they will be by Starlink.

Also SpaceX is taking the steps - working with astronomers in doing so - to reduce their brightness. Russia + China won't be taking those steps, you can guarantee that.