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slowslownotbad t1_j5om6e9 wrote

I didn’t say only tapes. But think about it. Modern scientific datasets are massive. Thousands of gigabytes.

1mbps running 12h per day is less than 100 gigabytes per year. You’ll saturate it with day-to-day operational messages. No way you’re doing real science.

Not to mention quality of life for the staff. Nobody’s making video calls over Iridium.


Canal_Volphied t1_j5oqxd9 wrote

> I didn’t say only tapes.

You said that before Starlink Antarctica used physical tapes. You intentionally made zero mention of this pre-Starlink satellite connection.


osteologation t1_j5pp56q wrote

Traditional satellite internet might as well be nothing, as far as the average person is concerned.


slowslownotbad t1_j5qxx7y wrote

Yeah, cuz that’s how they get scientific data off the continent. Tapes.