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Once_Wise t1_j38ju5d wrote

The first response of educators is to ban new technology, technology that their students will eventually need to use to compete with others using it. When I was in college in the 70s, I signed up for an advanced statistics class, and the professor said we could not use a computer. Dropped the class immediately and signed up for a math class that extensively used computer mathematical modelling. And used what I learned in that class my whole life. Later, after calculators came out, they were at first banned, until educators finally realized they were essential. The same is now true for AI assisted research. Those that don't know how to effectively use these new technologies will be buried by those who do.


BenjaminaAU t1_j38mdjd wrote

The significance here is that ChatGPT can write an entire essay from start to finish with minimal input from the user, and it's good enough to be indistinguishable from a human. The real question is how are they going to enforce the ban? Maybe shifting to in-class tests and exams?


HackSlashBurn t1_j38u1fb wrote

Maybe it’ll force a paradigm shift that sees educators and institutions changing with technology instead of trying to force decades old learning models on kids that are rapidly becoming smarter than them.


Once_Wise t1_j392ms5 wrote

Yes, just like computers in my example (the professor didn't know how to use them) were not going to go away, AI and things like ChatGPT will not go away. They will be used by smart and creative people to do things that others without the technology can not do. I have no answers of how this will happen, only that we have to face reality and find ways to benefit from the new technology rather than try to ignore or ban it. My feeling is that eventually everyone will be using AI in their classroom projects and that professors will be teaching how to use it effectively to solve real problems, just like no one would suggest that you can do advanced statistics and data analysis without a computer today.


samz22 t1_j39hzrk wrote

What I don’t get is how does it give a unique essay each time on the same topic. Like is it just using syllables or actually a different opinionated version of the essay.


Banea-Vaedr t1_j38gxf9 wrote

Oh noooooo the kids will be forced to use search functions on websites from Wisconsin to avoid the filters now...


Tulol t1_j3e47xq wrote

Back to the old paying someone to write the paper for you.