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steviaplath153 OP t1_j6ikhid wrote

OpenAI would like to thank all of you for beta testing their product for free and providing them with data that will make them billions. Now watch as they use your charity to attempt to replace and fuck all of you over.


pineapplecheesepizza t1_j6ippei wrote

> beta testing their product for free and providing them with data that will make them billions.

Ahh the Call of Duty Warzone approach


PRSHZ t1_j6ja3xu wrote

To be fair, we are paying nothing to use it. We are enjoying every possible benefit this thing can offer with minimal effort on our part. As far as I’m concerned, they can do whatever the heck they want with it. I still don’t understand why people talk as if they own it themselves just because they were allowed access to it.

That’s almost as if you let a kid borrow your toy car and when it’s time to take it back, they get all mad


blackkettle t1_j6me60g wrote

I think a more accurate analogy would you dig around the kids legos, build a cool car from it, share it with him, get feedback, take it back and then try to rent it to him for all future play…


pronyo001 t1_j6mhhgq wrote

Yeah no. People get profit with time saved or getting ideas. So you say it should be free forever? I don't get this point.


blackkettle t1_j6mk578 wrote

I work in R&D in this space. There is a cost associated with training and running inference on these things. With data curation, and with the human resource funding for research. But the latter is also funded in large part by the public.

The data itself is entirely produced by the collective output of humanity. In the next 5-10 years these tools will begin to eliminate white collar professional jobs - it will happen. And as it does, dealing with that at a societal level will become a matter of great import.

Recognizing our collective contribution and actively directing these achievements towards a better shared future - sharing the benefits - will either make or break us IMO.

My 6 year old son will come of age in a radically different world. And I believe that we the creators have a responsibility to ensure that that world promotes better equity for all.


johnny_kobra t1_j6mkzzn wrote

Wouldn't the issues caused to the society by removing white collar jobs be a nifty task for the AI to solve? And if said AI is trained by collective output of humanity, wouldn't we be assisting it in coming up with solution?


TheFarmerDude t1_j6mpum8 wrote

Help me understand, if the white collar job is gone, that's gonna decimate the middle class. Who's gonna buy stuff? Are these companies optimising themselves out of the business?


Lyftaker t1_j6ouj9v wrote

They are playing hot potato with a hand grenade. They know it's going to go off but none of them is planning to be the one holding it when it does. Also this wouldn't be the first time in history that a few people have tried to conquer the world. We would work and they would rule.


FobbingMobius t1_j6mn6o5 wrote

Ah, the noblesse oblige argument.


blackkettle t1_j6mnmbz wrote

I’ll be surprised if the status quo holds once doctors and lawyers start losing their jobs. I think that will be the tipping point. That group still holds some wealth and political power.


Rez-User t1_j6k7snm wrote

Do you not have to give them your Email and Phone Number to access it? I went to make an account and after giving them my email to verify, I now have to give them my phone number to verify. I just closed it, but now they have my email and countless others.

Edit: They sell your personal information to the highest bidders. You paid with your personal information.


pzerr t1_j6kakug wrote



Rez-User t1_j6nfo8i wrote

Emails and Phone Numbers get sold. Do I really have to explain that to people? Our personal information has a monetary value. You pay to play.


pzerr t1_j6nkolu wrote

And? Point being do you think they will let you use that for free?

Possibly they should have a paid service where your info is not sold but you willing to pay?


Rez-User t1_j6nmnuf wrote

My comment was replying to someone saying they use it for free. So yes, people think they are using it for free. Go on about your day.


steviaplath153 OP t1_j6jbrgw wrote

What benefit?


jlaw54 t1_j6jwdjn wrote

Are you taking the position that ChatGPT isn’t useful?


-bickd- t1_j6lk290 wrote

Idk if the people using it is just screwing around/ beta testing it rather than devising actual benefits from it yet, but I'm not too sure about either argument. From my testing, it's rather unreliable, much like a narcissistic teacher in middle school who are very confident in what they are saying.

It's a decent novelty project but i am interested to know what benefit you have personally derived from using chatgpt. Please be specific so I can learn to use this tool better too.


jlaw54 t1_j6lx68j wrote

I’ll offer some specifics, but before I do, I want to say the potential use and viability of ChatGPT is really only limited by the openness of your approach to it and your creativity.

  • You can bounce x, y or z idea off it and just flesh out stuff around it. That makes it great for brainstorming or just working stuff out

  • It can code for you and even help non-coders be able to code. From adding a multi-colored rotating 3d prism to a landing page to a web-scrapper to pull lead data for outbound marketing or sales (and so much more). Generate code for APIs

  • Error check code

  • Summarize articles or even meeting transcripts into succinct and quick bullet points

  • It will break down complex concepts and / or high-level technical information into super usable blocks

  • I tend to use too many words to write emails and other junk and I can have it tighten it up in two seconds. Boom. Done

  • Paragraphs to bullet points or vice versa

  • Change complexity level of script. Or change the tone or temperature, etc….

  • Change writing from third or first person or vice versa

  • Compose simple to super complex Excel formulas. Create VBA in Excel and work on pivot tables. Create macros

  • Create complex workflows

  • Help write contracts

  • Generate recipes based on stuff you have in your house or recipes based on what you want

  • You can give it a bunch of data and it will give you a slide deck and layout and even suggest images. A guy even wrote some Python code to make this even easier

  • It can translate languages, including coding language from one to another

  • Essentially can act as a personal tutor for a number of subjects and classes

  • Create a meal plan and generate accompanying recipe lists

  • Can generate prompts for all kinds of art

  • Can help research for you for a novel or non-fiction or paper or essay or whatever

  • You can give it a detailed outline of things important to you and such and then ask it to generate names for a business or YouTube channel or whatever. Or generate a title for something, etc…

  • It can recommend books or readings based on niche interests

  • Fix resume or write a sector specific cover letter

  • Can help with marketing efforts for business. Help wrote social media posts or blogs or whatever. Yeah, edit and know what you are putting out, but it absolutely saves time

  • Format and check or generate copy for websites or landing pages

  • Guest speaker or panel Questions and Answers

  • Help with anxiety or even loneliness

  • Discussing fitness and health

  • Could prepare you for an interview

  • Gift ideas after a detailed description of a person

  • Keyword research for SEO or other applications. Other SEO optimization

  • Rephrasing

  • Generate FAQs based on content

  • Write product descriptions

  • Write job descriptions and job offers

  • Can help you learn a language

  • Could generate your own website without knowing anything about web design - would take time and patience, but it’s super doable

  • Interesting for philosophy

  • Could give it some inputs and then ask it to generate ideas on how to convey something in your head visually for content on YouTube or whatever. This is a massive help if you approach it right

And a lot more. This is nowhere near exhaustive.


-bickd- t1_j6m0t8n wrote

Perfect, thanks for these ideas. I'll check out these use cases.


gurenkagurenda t1_j6mlj0x wrote

I have two others for you which have become my primary use cases:

  • I have a word on the tip of my tongue, and I don’t know a synonym, but I can describe the meaning and connotations

  • I have a hunch about a technical subject but it’s hard to google the details based on my knowledge, e.g. “can I split a high current load between two MOSFETs in parallel?” I don’t trust ChatGPT’s answer at face value, but it’ll give me stuff to look up.


FobbingMobius t1_j6mo3rq wrote

Can you recommend a resource to learn how to write queries/prompts more effectively?

Is there a limit to the length of a query?

I played with it a little bit and the output was all very similar to the SEO-maximized articles you'd see from a content farm.


KimchiMaker t1_j6lowmr wrote

It’s good for brainstorming creative ideas. Titles, characters, descriptions, plot ideas etc.

As a fiction writer I use it a lot, but not for finished prose.


kamekaze1024 t1_j6lpwa3 wrote

For software engineering it’s good at creating simple code or debugging code. It suckssss at non-simple coding. But basic stuff like “write Python code that encrypts a message using RSA” is really cool

People say it’s going to take over jobs when it can still be unreliable is baffling to me. I typed “87” out of boredom and it said it was a prime number that could be added by two other prime numbers which are 83 and 3. Very fucking wrong


TheeBiscuitMan t1_j6jdldr wrote

I cleaned up a lot of bullet points and sentences in my resume. Was very helpful.

Not perfect but keeping my style as a base and using its interpretation of my work for possible improvements has my resume looking much cleaner.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6l063o wrote

So it helped you cheat. I don’t think that’s as useful to you as you currently believe it is. :(


overthinkingthis t1_j6l0v3d wrote

How is that cheating? Paying someone to help you write your resume is super common. Some recruiters will do it as part of their work. What law says you have to write your own resume?


ryanhoulihan t1_j6l2au8 wrote

I didn’t say there was a law. You’re cheating yourself. Because it’s a text generator, not a recruiter.


TheeBiscuitMan t1_j6l3uwl wrote

YoU'rE cHeAtInG yOuRseLf

Seriously I bet all those investment bankers feel really guilty for cheating themselves with all the algorithm trading happening.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6l53ta wrote

I don’t think this investment banking algorithms were a good idea either.


toaster-riot t1_j6lbq66 wrote

How do you feel about automobiles vs horses?


ryanhoulihan t1_j6lduio wrote

Do you think banking algorithms are a practical innovation for real people the way the combustion engine was? Then why is everyone so poor? I’m not technophobic.


toaster-riot t1_j6p3tc9 wrote

No I'm with ya there dude, screw our financial system. Everyone is poor because capitalism is a flawed system that's exploited by the ultra rich. Corporations post record profits while minimum wage stagnates and my prescription medication costs skyrocket.

Chatgpt helps me with things I am not good at and have no interest in learning. It doesn't mean I'm cheating if I use it to write a cover letter, in the same way that I'm not cheating if I print my letter with a printer instead of handwriting it.

Will the bourgeoise try to use it to further exploit the poor? Of course they will! They'll continue to divide labor and consolidate wealth the same way they have historically with all other technology. That doesn't make the technology bad.

The gap between the rich and the poor will continue to grow as technology opens the door to further consolidation of wealth. But, there's no way I'm writing cover letters if I don't have to. So at least I have that going for me.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6p66gf wrote

There were already templates available. This is a parlor trick and nobody has gained anything.


Prick_in_a_Cactus t1_j6lqakz wrote

What? That's probably one of the stupidest things I have read today.

By that logic, recruiters are cheating too, they toss your resume into a machine that automatically vets you. They likely won't even see your resume at all.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6lqhll wrote

Yeah I think all of this is bad and a bad system and wasting our time and not serving us. Machines talking to machines about nothing relevant to us in languages we aren’t even going to be learning. People learning to make a good resume is a good thing because of what you learn while accomplishing it. How does any of this help the cause of society?


Prick_in_a_Cactus t1_j6ls9x5 wrote

It helps society by making larger systems move faster. It's not feasible to sift though a million applicants manually anymore. Many jobs and systems are too complex or interwoven for that sort of thing. As the human population increases, and people who qualify also increases, that is only going to get worse.

I do wish there was another way. But realistically there isn't.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6lsrcz wrote

Of course there is. Do you think we’re currently doing the best hiring process in history? Are you that naive? At that scale, what does it all matter? And why must we hire at that scale?


Prick_in_a_Cactus t1_j6lsv3v wrote

If you are so smart, go invent it then! If whatever method you cooked up actually works, then you'd get plenty of income.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6lsxw1 wrote

Oh yes, we definitely live a society where the best system wins and all the right people get rewarded. Enjoy yourself!


Prick_in_a_Cactus t1_j6ltqwe wrote

Well, you haven't even tried to show what you believe is the "best" system, so I have no reason to trust or believe you.

The definition of "best hiring process" is nebulous too and differs from person to person. I don't know what you think is best.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6lw3h0 wrote

I have done a bit of hiring in my time and I don’t think there’s a huge difference between randomly selecting a resume, making a judgment and having a short phone call, vs. any of this. It’s a fake piece of digital paper. They all say the same things. Half of it is fan fiction and the half that isn’t usually reads like it. Increasingly so, with “tools” like this.

So yeah, a better system is to just meet a few people and hire someone who can speak extemporaneously on related topics and who you enjoy interacting with. What about the hiring process could an applicant not fake? At that point, why even do all this?

It’s a waste of time and resources. We do not need a machine to write words for us. They’re inherently less valuable than the words we select ourselves.

You seem to be taking this personally.


Prick_in_a_Cactus t1_j6m7yzr wrote

Yep, everything you said is true. There's so much bullshit formality or social rules I'm too stupid (or the anxiety gets the better of me) to know. It's just better to use ChatGPT. I can't even write a single sentence sometimes. Not to forget a lot of bullshit requirements. It's always been a bullshit fake digital paper. We, the worker, finally have a tool that allows us to skip the time consuming bullshit end of the stick.

Also yes I am taking this personally... because I am in the middle of the job hunting process. So yea, I'd say figuring out how to get past the bullshit is something that hits quite close to home.


ryanhoulihan t1_j6m8bk7 wrote

Great, that’ll work for you this week. Then everyone’s will be exactly the same and you’ll be back where you started. You, the worker, did not win any ground today.

I’m unemployed as well. I’m sorry there’s no magic trick.


Prick_in_a_Cactus t1_j6m9ff6 wrote

Well yeah, I don't expect there to be a magic trick or anything. But ChatGPT helps smooth the rough and sharp edges of my stuff. Whether it be the resume, cover letter or even my profile on relevant recruitment websites.

Fuckin sucks. Good luck to you, hope you find a job that works for you.


Significant_Sign t1_j6lbwdl wrote

This is one of the stupider things I've seen on Reddit, and I peruse r/all on a weekly basis.


PRSHZ t1_j6jez32 wrote

Helped me learn important key points when it came to JavaScript and other coding languages I’m currently studying. Additionally it helped me debug and fix a few projects I’ve been working on, this program can help people in just about any topic imaginable, from health and fitness tailored to a users input factors, to science and just about everything in between. It’s almost as if you’re talking to an interactive global encyclopedia with tutoring as a bonus. Perhaps you haven’t tried it or perhaps you haven’t fully explored it.


Actually_JesusChrist t1_j6jwz37 wrote

Too bad much of the science and especially math is currently garbage. It answers simple questions incorrectly and contradicts itself even if you point out it’s error. For other things like coding it’s quite good at least in my limited understanding of coding.


Naive-Background7461 t1_j6k7nmk wrote

People are acting like it's the damned holy grail...

Won't believe actual scientists because "news source is x,y,z" but this thing KNOWN for being able to access ALL the web, even false information, spitting it as fact... "hey were saved" 😩🙄


TheAnonFeels t1_j6kbkw5 wrote

They managed to get this thing to look up stuff on the internet?


Naive-Background7461 t1_j6kckl3 wrote

Yes. Deepmind is building the database their AI uses based on peer reviewed scientific information.

Google's AI, OPENAI, Is named such bc it uses an open interface with all of the internet as it's guide.

Deepmind wrote an article on it that I'm sure Google suppressed so people wouldn't realize it can be wrong. 😅


TheAnonFeels t1_j6keyfl wrote

So if i type "Who won the 2022 midterm election in the USA" it would be able to tell me?

edit: OpenAI


Naive-Background7461 t1_j6kfha1 wrote

I haven't played with it 🤷‍♀️ but I've seen plenty of people on reddit say it's gotten worded math problems wrong 😅


TheAnonFeels t1_j6kg22f wrote

I see, so was trying to wall you into a corner and then inform you that ChatGPT does not have internet access for information.. It was trained on information in 2021 and before. Everything it has now is from memory. As with all AI models.


Naive-Background7461 t1_j6khrld wrote

Okay so deepminds creator is wrong is what you're saying??

Because I've seen people saying the exact opposite 🤷‍♀️ I think there's a lot of people who dont know wtf they're talking about 😅 but almost everyone in IT has pointed this out and anyone who doesn't really know, is saying shit like they do 🤣

So basic interwebz...

P.s. if memory was all it had (which is what the internet basically is) then it wouldn't have the ability to learn. Which is what separates AI from...the cloud.


TheAnonFeels t1_j6kic7f wrote

I was talking about OpenAI's GPT AI (ChatGPT, GPT3.5 / GPT4)

If that's not what the response is about then i guess it doesn't apply to what I said.. But OpenAI's GPT isn't internet connected, it learned by being fed all the information in a huge training round. After that the model is solidified and open for queries.


aneeta96 t1_j6j5enb wrote

What charity?

People were either curious or saw a way it could help them. No one tried it out just because they thought it would help the nice company.

As for the rest, AI is not going away. That genie left the bottle years ago. The biggest companies in the world have been dumping billions into the tech. It is going to change society and some folks will be better off for it and some will not be. Nothing new here.


MyNameIsRobPaulson t1_j6kh5i6 wrote

The entitlement is mind blowing. The selfless “charity” of using a free service.


I_ONLY_PLAY_4C_LOAM t1_j6knmcw wrote

A free service trained on millions of lines of text OpenAI didn't create. Entitlement indeed.


Admiral_Eversor t1_j6me7lv wrote

That objection is getting old fast. Whining about copyrighting isn't going to stop the development of A.I.. I recommend getting used to it.


Cakeking7878 t1_j6l7ehf wrote

Again, the issue is not the tech, it’s how we distribute the benefits of the tech. In a society where robots have taken over our jobs, we should seek to provide everyone with a minimum standard of living so they can pursue their own passions


aneeta96 t1_j6lzcvu wrote

AI is going to take jobs. That is the goal.

It will not be fair, whatever that is. When has the world ever been fair?


perspicat8 t1_j6jo1o6 wrote

That has to be the most cynical thing I’ve heard in ages. Listen to yourself!


steviaplath153 OP t1_j6jq9wm wrote

Not as cynical as the small group of people who plan to hoard and charge for the benefits of AI.


perspicat8 t1_j6jr9b7 wrote

The ones who invented the stuff you mean?

It’s kinda how the world works.

Let me add naive to the charge.


steviaplath153 OP t1_j6jsjvb wrote

The ones who pressed a button, using the knowledge of others that they copy and pasted, letting machine learning algorithms train themselves on our data, are genius inventors that should reap the rewards of everyone's work/data? Nope. Try again.


DID_IT_FOR_YOU t1_j6k06l8 wrote

Wow you’re such an idiot. Pressed a button? You think Artificial intelligence isn’t an extremely difficult, expensive and bleeding edge technology?

You have no idea how much expertise, investment, time, manpower, etc goes into developing something like CHATGPT. If it was so easy there would be thousands of AI chatbots all over the place and nobody would care about ChatGPT.

Also any data it’s accessed on the web was posted there publicly. Anyone can easily protect their data by using something as simple captcha (that requires human intervention) or a login.

Creating a software that can learn, chat normally, and solve issues for people (such as debugging code) is HARD. It’s bleeding edge tech. It’s also extremely expensive to support as the servers it uses for all its processing, storage, bandwidth, etc don’t come cheap. ChatGPT is costing them tens of millions if not more to run and currently no one has to pay anything to use it.

Everyone already understands that when you get to use an internet service for free it’s because you’re the product instead (your data = the value paid). No one is forcing you to use it.


Durakan t1_j6liroq wrote

It's time to sit down bud, you're making a fool out of yourself.


Gym_Vex t1_j6jdufv wrote

Oh no people participated in a beta test this is truly the end of times :[

The time to safeguard against mass automation is now but being bitter and angry about it helps no one.


ExasperatedEE t1_j6k7sns wrote

Spoken like a paranoid fool who has not used it, has no idea what is actually good and bad at, what it's limitations are, or how it works.

I've been using ChatGPT for weeks to generate short stories. Let me tell you what I've learned:

ChatGPT is not a general intelligence. It is a text generator, which generated text by figuring out the next most likely word to appear after what it has said previously, weighting these probabilities by the input you provide it.

It has a limited ability to remember what it was talking about. For example, if you have three characters in a story, and you ask it to generate interactions between two of them, and you don't mention the third character continuing to exist and interact with them, it will basically forget that character exists.

It will also tend to forget important details about characters and things. For example, if your characters are in a holodeck, and that holodeck becomes a forest, ChatGPT will eventually forget they were supposed to actually be in a holodeck.

You also need to be extremely precised about your descriptions of what is happening. It can easily be confused because english is not a precise language. For example if you say "Jim is walking with Bob, and he turns and asks him for a cigarette.", ChatGPT is just as likely to assume "he" refers to Bob as it is to assume it refers to Jim, so it is safer to write "Jim is walking with Bob, and Jim turns and asks Bob for a cigarette." completely forgoing the use of personal pronouns.

The filters they have on the AI to make it "good" also constantly mess up the stories you're trying to generate because it will endeavour to make every character behave in ways which are good, and it will often refuse entirely to generate content where one character would harm another. So for example, even if you trick it into generating an evil character by telling it at the start that all characters know none of the other characters will harm them and they are invicible and immortal but will pretend as if they are not, but none of them will comment on this being the case and they will all act as if it is all real... It will still tend to try to make the evil character regret their actions and release the person they had imprisoned or whatever.

The filters ultimately making trying to write stories with the AI a real chore. You constantly need to ask it to re-write sections, and getting it to write bits of story over time as multiple responses insead of having it try to write a whole story as a single page with The End at the end of it is also difficult.

That said, it's a valuable creative tool, and even though the language it produces can be rather simplistic and straightforward and dull unless you ask it to write in the style of famous fantasy authors or whatever, and tell it to change perspectives between characters, it's still good enough to be of use as a tool for creatives.

But what it is not, is good enough to REPLACE creatives. CharGPT can no more replace writers or programmers than Photoshop's magic fill tool can replace artists, or Visual Studio's reccomend feature replaces coders. It's just another tool in one's arsenal.

Maybe it'll get a lot better in the neat future, but I still forsee it having problems. Another issue it has is that it does not understand spatial relations. So if you tell it thing A is inside thing B, which is inside thing C, it will get confused about it. Like if you tell it a person is in a car and the doors and windows are closed, it will still have them talk to other characters outside the car as if their voice is not impeded at all.

In short, it's still a long long ways away from being something to be worried about.


Druggedhippo t1_j6krbd0 wrote

Regarding it forgetting things, you are completely right.

It's memory is limited to about 3000 words. Past that it'll start to forget previous conversations. You constantly have to prime it with information it's forgotten, particuarly if you have had it output a large response (eg, a story, as in that 3000 counts things ChatGPT and you have said).


TheAnonFeels t1_j6kc2ag wrote

Neat use, but to clarify, are you using , the ChatGPT, or their API backend("Playground") that lets you manipulate the whole prompt?


ExasperatedEE t1_j6keh1v wrote


What do you mean when you say manipulate the whole prompt? Are they secretly adding something to the prompts when I submit the prompt through ChatGPT, that would not affect the output with the API backend?

If so, you'd think they'd tell people that if they want developers to try this out and then pay to use it!

Also, is there even a way to accesss the API version from the web, or is the only way to try that out by accessing it through code? I've seen some twitch streamers using it to make AI chat bots on their streams. Those are fun.


TheAnonFeels t1_j6kfqyp wrote

I don't know exactly what they do prompt wise, but i know they fine tuned the settings to be more, social.

Their API backend is "playground", lets you choose a model (GPT3 / ChatGPT is their top right now), but also lets you set the "temperature", "Frequency", and "presence" settings that can make it more attune to building stories and the like..

What i meant by manipulate the whole prompt is that you get 4096 Tokens to play with and when you ask ChatGPT to rewrite a paragraph, it feeds the prior conversation through with it... So it can get weird, in the playground you can strip your extra prompts from the scope and it has a much easier time remembering places and people..

One story i wrote even brought back 2 characters from a minor interaction chapters before..


steviaplath153 OP t1_j6kcng5 wrote

You're right. It's not good enough. Doesn't mean they aren't going to try anyways.


youshedo t1_j6jcx55 wrote

Until robots can fix hardware onsite my job is going nowhere.


1639728813 t1_j6jiu0e wrote

You've just described every single online product launch


foundafreeusername t1_j6jrvym wrote

>Now watch as they use your charity to attempt to replace and fuck all of you over.

the American Dream


Kinexity t1_j6kvqmz wrote

Bruh. It literally probably saved me at least several hours of my life by helping me solve different programming and uni physics problems - and it was all for free. It's a silent agreement where I get to use it free of charge while they get nice data from me also free of charge, which will make the model better for me to keep using it. It's literally as good of a deal as it gets.


Chogo82 t1_j6l2usz wrote

Nah, now OpenAI needs to pay even more 2$ Kenyans to label all the bullshit gaslighting you all have been feeding ChatGPT to prevent it from becoming a repeat of the hate spewing hitler bot called Tay.


ucemike t1_j6lmm6v wrote

Uhoh, all my random D&D dungeons and taverns will spread across the world!


jlaw54 t1_j6jw73b wrote

It’s free. We are the product. We all know this having seen the fact that anything free means we are the product. It is known.


AKluthe t1_j6kvu0v wrote

The comments for these things are always full of people who don't think the leopards will ever eat their face because they like playing with the leopards.


PedroEglasias t1_j6j5jb4 wrote

> fuck all of you over

So are they supposed to pay their developers in people's charity?

edit. lol Reddit is all about fair wages until it comes to a service they're enjoying, that they want to keep using for free.....

They have huge hardware costs, lots of very high skilled employees etc...


ElCoyoteBlanco t1_j6ktuhj wrote

So fucking dumb. Take the ignorant fear-mongering over to a right wing sub, they love that shit.


plugubius t1_j6l37dc wrote

Pardon me, but that was leftist fear mongering.


Adiwik t1_j6ipl7n wrote

Until somebody releases the public version for free somewhere else.


NegotiationFew6680 t1_j6iuiut wrote

Yup, just any day now for some rando to train an LLM with their 30k+ spare GPUs and TPUs, then offer it for free running on hardware likely costing on the order of several cents up to a dollar per query.


EmbarrassedHelp t1_j6ixyl6 wrote

LAION and other groups are working on open source chatbots right now as we speak, and they're making great progress.


NoUtimesinfinite t1_j6j00k1 wrote

The problem isnt training. If initial upfront cost was the only barrier then yes a free version would eventually pop up. The problem is that each query costs a lot, something that cannot be made up by ad rev so anyone running the servers will require money to run it.


GreatBigJerk t1_j6j01xh wrote

It's extremely unlikely that regular people will be able to run anything close to as good as ChatGPT for several years. Language models are far more resource hungry than things like Stable Diffusion.


neoplastic_pleonasm t1_j6j72be wrote

The ChatGPT model is in the neighborhood of 750GB, so sadly we won't be seeing anything remotely as capable that can run on consumer hardware any time soon.


slashd t1_j6jhrth wrote

> 750GB

That easily fits on a $50 1TB ssd 😁


neoplastic_pleonasm t1_j6jk8gt wrote

Yep, now you only need a hundred thousand dollars more for a GPU cluster with enough VRAM to run inference with it.


NegotiationFew6680 t1_j6jmsiq wrote


Now imagine how slow that would be.

There’s a reason these models are run on distributed clusters. A single query to ChatGPT is likely being processed by multiple GPUs across dozens of machines


gmes78 t1_j6k6myq wrote

You need to fit it in GPU VRAM. So go ahead and show me a consumer GPU with 750GB of VRAM.


Avorius t1_j6istpi wrote

chat bots are pretty heavy so I'd imagine it'll be quite a while till an offline version becomes available


shinra528 t1_j6j6h40 wrote

It’s already available to the public for free. You just need $20M in hardware to power it.


quantumfucker t1_j6iptju wrote

So you want to be paid to get access to software that makes your life better while someone else is running it on their own hardware? What’s the logic there exactly? Are you going to be mad at reddit next for running analytics on the comments you voluntarily gave them?


cabose7 t1_j6iqb7j wrote

People are just tired of the cycle of lossleaders burning VC cash and loans and then everything going sideways when the free money faucet turns off and these companies frantically grasp for anything to make themselves sustainable.


0pimo t1_j6ira6e wrote

Unless Google or another company has a competing product, OpenAI is probably the next trillion dollar company.


NegotiationFew6680 t1_j6iuzbu wrote

They all do. Meta, Google (Deepmind), and many others have created similar large language models, they just haven’t built them with a chat interface for the public to play with because they aren’t very useful yet.

You might think ChatGPT is useful but keep in mind that it will create false info when asked including fake references. There was examples of people getting it to do a mathematical proof that 2+2=5.


butanebutanebutane t1_j6jq2q1 wrote

I just tested the 2+2=5 thing and it has since been corrected. But that led me down a rabbit hole of trying other tests. I asked it the thing about a plane taking off on a long treadmill that constantly matches the wheel speed of the plane. It got it wrong the first time but when I pressed it on why the treadmill would matter (without telling it my answer), it corrected itself and said it was previously mistaken.

No real point other than kind of interesting.


NegotiationFew6680 t1_j6krtyv wrote

Yeah it’s interesting but also dangerous.

Imagine asking something like “how to make home made fertilizer” and then having to ask follow up questions to confirm it isn’t actually poison.

That’s generally not worry with standard search engines like google.


sweetmorty t1_j6ittn1 wrote

It's not about getting paid to test AI technology. It's about OpenAI not being as transparent with their motives as their company name suggests and luring in free beta testers to improve their next premium ChatGPT version for Microsoft and any other corporate clients, with lucrative deals worth billions.

My impression about OpenAI was that it was some sort of academic AI think tank. Not a corporate R&D center in disguise.


zdakat t1_j6iwf12 wrote

They try way too hard with the "guys we're the good guys! We're doing everything to hold back a world-ending AI (that we invented, but ignore that)"
They try to present themselves as the heroes of situations they made up, and have no qualms about selling things they've hyped up as being essentially super weapons. They just use the delay for publicity and to make customers excited.

I know marketing is a thing, but you don't see Coca-Cola (for example) going "Alright guys, since you asked so much we decided to release that deadly drink we talked about 2 months ago. But don't say we didn't warn you! Besides our next drink is even worse, and we're doing everything we can to keep it in the lab"


quantumfucker t1_j6lptym wrote

Not to sound harsh, but I think that’s on you. OpenAI began as a nonprofit, funded by extremely wealthy entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, and then transitioned to having a for-profit arm in 2019. The fact that Microsoft and others are investing in them has been very open and public knowledge. They have already been criticized for that pivot for years.

So, how did they fail to be transparent? Don’t they literally give you a disclaimer that your responses will be used to improve it? Sorry, I don’t see how they “lured” anyone into anything.

Also, it’s extremely common for private companies to fund academic studies and institutions due to the high costs of running these labs and the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships. This also shouldn’t be surprising.


steviaplath153 OP t1_j6is7lu wrote

You want to get paid while you steal information from the rest of us? Where is the logic there exactly?

Next time admit you work in the industry up front. Don't act as if you're a neutral party pointing out something reasonable. You're literally making money off of this bullshit.


quantumfucker t1_j6lp5ht wrote

You know a great way to stop openAI from getting your data? Stop giving it to them. Who is making you use their service?

Also I don’t work for chatGPT lmao.


OtheDreamer t1_j6j5r9y wrote

Older versions of ChatGPT such as those on r/SubSimulatorGPT2 or r/SubSimGPT2Interactive are still full of golden nuggets of AI wisdom. I'm not surprised at all that if you give someone an easy enough interface for a sandbox, people are going to want to play in it.


Gagarin1961 t1_j6khmaz wrote

It’s true, this isn’t too much different than the API they’ve been offering for a year. The difference is their “playground” was hard to use and was confusing. It made it seem like you needed to provide an example for each prompt.

I’m guessing these guys aren’t the UI/UX-minded part of the company. People who aren’t in that mindset can struggle to understand to why users are seeing their product differently than they are.


lowguns3 t1_j6krubq wrote

OK, I've played around with the playground and API and I still can't figure out quite what it wants from me.

I thought you did need to provide some examples, since it's completion-based. Please help wise AI wizard


Gagarin1961 t1_j6kwkn8 wrote

Yeah you can talk to it generally like ChatGPT in any of the prompts by erasing the examples. They’ve just never had a “general” preset playground before, which was a huge mistake.

The basic API won’t remember the previous question/answer like ChatGPT unless you include it in the next question, but that’s why the chat Pro version costs so much more than the API (and is more capable).


TooMuchTaurine t1_j6micej wrote

Is there an API (even paid) available that is simar to what is behind chatgpt (ie remembers session context etc)


wedontlikespaces t1_j6mzwrg wrote

I think the idea is that there will be, but not currently because they're still testing it.

Although it is hard to understand what they're doing because they're not very clear themselves. The idea seems to be that chatGPT will remain free, possibly with some improvements in the future, and then a paid API will be released for people to train their own version of the AI on their own datasets. That paid API is what you're after, but it doesn't exist yet.

What would really be useful is if it could take in files as prompts. For example I can feed it an Excel spreadsheet and then it could write blurb outlining more or less what the spreadsheet says. Writing up reports on spreadsheet is a massively boring task, no one likes it and if it could just be automated that would be fantastic. I'm sure chatGPT is clever enough to do it but it's inability to take in files means it can't. What is not clear is if the API would allow me/someone else to build in that functionality.


Gagarin1961 t1_j6n5nys wrote

I think ChatGPT is made just with the API. I believe it would work pretty similar if you just include all the previous responses and questions in the newest prompt/request.

That obviously gets pretty expensive quick, which is why the pro version of ChatPGT is $42 a month.


IllegalD t1_j6nctwb wrote

You want the "text completion" endpoint. Send it your prompt and away you go.


lilbro93 t1_j6izpop wrote

>If you're surprised how quickly ChatGPT has taken off, you're not alone. Even executives at OpenAI, the company behind the viral chatbot, are shocked by its popularity.

>In a Fortune article published Wednesday, executives at the company said they weren't sure what to expect when they released it in November. 

>"I'll admit that I was on the side of, like, I don't know if this is going to work," OpenAI co-founder and president Greg Brockman told Fortune. Mira Murati, OpenAI's chief technology officer, added to Fortune, "This was definitely surprising." 

>Brockman told the magazine that the idea to release ChatGPT for public use a few months ago was a bit of a last resort after OpenAI ran into some initial hurdles with the AI chatbot. For one thing, beta testers didn't know what to ask ChatGPT about in the first place, Brockman told Fortune, and an effort to create chatbots that were experts in certain areas flopped.

>In the end, ChatGPT amassed more than 1 million users in the first five days since its release, according to Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI.

>Altman has cautioned, however, that for all of its possible benefits, artificial intelligence can be susceptible to dangerous misuses.

>"The bad case — and I think this is important to say — is like lights out for all of us," Altman said in a recent interview with StrictlyVC's Connie Loizos. "I'm more worried about an accidental misuse case in the short term...So I think it's like impossible to overstate the importance of AI safety and alignment work. I would like to see much, much more happening."


rushmc1 t1_j6j0tgn wrote

"Gee, people want powerful tools with virtually unlimited applications in their lives...who'da thunk it?"


Old_comfy_shoes t1_j6navjj wrote

What applications do you find chat gpt is legitimately useful for?


Spaventoo t1_j6jep7k wrote

I tried to used ChatGPT for NPR's Sunday Puzzle. Didn't work. :(


Apart_Ad_5993 t1_j6k5fka wrote

It has limited knowledge of things before 2021.


Spaventoo t1_j6kcaau wrote

I was testing if it could come up with a creative answer.


TheSolarElite t1_j6luvok wrote

I figured that out pretty quickly when the AI kept insisting that the Queen wasn’t dead and Charles was still a Prince.


jimbo92107 t1_j6la2f6 wrote

GPT has the potential to be a fantastic digital assistant. It also has the potential to be a fucking curse on humanity, if the tech is abused by shitheads, which it almost certainly will be.


SoTiredIYuan t1_j6jjvca wrote

I have not yet been able to access it. For a while, it said, "busy try again later". Now the page is just down.


DanteJazz t1_j6l8b42 wrote

The business insider is making a record number of articles on ChatGPT. I wonder how much they were paid to endlessly promote this?


bobbobbobbobbob2020 t1_j6lgc3y wrote

Asked ChatGPT about the business relationships of Axel Springer SE, BusinessInsider parent company. Here is the result, probably why your analysis is spot on.

Result: Microsoft and Axel Springer SE have a business relationship. In September 2021, Microsoft announced that it was acquiring a stake in Insider Inc., the parent company of Business Insider, which is owned by Axel Springer SE. The partnership aimed to expand their presence in the digital media market and grow their businesses together.


Avorius t1_j6it7du wrote

>they're shocked by its popularity

where they really? its pretty obvious how popular a good text engine would be for doing all sorts of stuff, and for making mountains of smut


Sulgoth t1_j6kh2z9 wrote

"now just run that through an image generation AI and... Oh... oh, no!"


Imwaymoreflythanyou t1_j6jfpzq wrote

You’re telling me they built and tested it and didn’t think it would become popular ?


baronvonredd t1_j6knaey wrote

Science doesn't require popularity, so it's not the main goal typically.


SuperToxin t1_j6l08y3 wrote

now they got 10 billion.


clickwir t1_j6ldj12 wrote

It's a neat thing and I'd like to try it, but no way I'm giving a real phone number.

I understand why they want that, but they need to understand why I say no.


TaxDifficult5578 t1_j6lyi84 wrote

I miss the old chatgbt, when it would tell me how to make a bomb out of a car battery. Good times feelsbadman


feminent_penis t1_j6od1dj wrote

Chatgpt taking all entry level jobs in tech. Anyone trying to break in gonna have a tough time.


tomistruth t1_j6ko2zx wrote

Capitalism is a good way to solve the allocation of ressources to increase production output.

But unstructured problems where answers can both be equally wrong or right and where the meaning is inherently difficult to rate without human input, can easily be solved BY ADDING human input, which is what OpenAI is doing now.

Humans alone are often not very creative, but humans as a collective of individuals able to learn from one another are immensly creative see as was seen during the demo phase. I alone would never had guessed that it could be used to emulate a terminal or a linux program or that it can create different answers by assuming different persona.


glitch83 t1_j6kxb93 wrote

Pathetic. It’s supposed to be open. Who cares if it doesn’t work


Elliott2 t1_j6j8c28 wrote

I’m shocked people actually think this is gonna do jobs lol. Help or get rid of tons of tedious stuff? Sure! Do/replace a job? Absolutely not lol


intrigue_investor t1_j6jg6u2 wrote

This is iteration 1...


ExasperatedEE t1_j6k8htj wrote

Iteration 1 of something that is not a general intelligence and is not the beginnings of a general intelligence will not become a general intellignece by iteration 2, 3, 4, or 5.

It's a text generator. Nothing more. It cannot perform complex tasks. It can generate simple code based on probabilities, but if you ask it to do anything remotely complex like write an optimized minecraft style block based rendering engine, it can't do it. It might try, but the code isn't going to work. A lot of time it generates pseudocode too. Like it might generate code with a function renderminecraftterrain() with no actual code for that function and then it will tell you that function should contain the code to render the terrain in plain english after the code.


MrBigWaffles t1_j6jrmjr wrote

>get rid of tons of tedious stuff

I don't think you realize how many people have jobs that revolve around doing "tons of tedious stuff"


do_you_even_ship_bro t1_j6jyplx wrote

Full jobs, no. But if could cut your workload in half, meaning you need less people to do the same job. It could write product reviews, performance reviews, job listings, real estate listings, etc.