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lowguns3 t1_j6krubq wrote

OK, I've played around with the playground and API and I still can't figure out quite what it wants from me.

I thought you did need to provide some examples, since it's completion-based. Please help wise AI wizard


Gagarin1961 t1_j6kwkn8 wrote

Yeah you can talk to it generally like ChatGPT in any of the prompts by erasing the examples. They’ve just never had a “general” preset playground before, which was a huge mistake.

The basic API won’t remember the previous question/answer like ChatGPT unless you include it in the next question, but that’s why the chat Pro version costs so much more than the API (and is more capable).


TooMuchTaurine t1_j6micej wrote

Is there an API (even paid) available that is simar to what is behind chatgpt (ie remembers session context etc)


wedontlikespaces t1_j6mzwrg wrote

I think the idea is that there will be, but not currently because they're still testing it.

Although it is hard to understand what they're doing because they're not very clear themselves. The idea seems to be that chatGPT will remain free, possibly with some improvements in the future, and then a paid API will be released for people to train their own version of the AI on their own datasets. That paid API is what you're after, but it doesn't exist yet.

What would really be useful is if it could take in files as prompts. For example I can feed it an Excel spreadsheet and then it could write blurb outlining more or less what the spreadsheet says. Writing up reports on spreadsheet is a massively boring task, no one likes it and if it could just be automated that would be fantastic. I'm sure chatGPT is clever enough to do it but it's inability to take in files means it can't. What is not clear is if the API would allow me/someone else to build in that functionality.


Gagarin1961 t1_j6n5nys wrote

I think ChatGPT is made just with the API. I believe it would work pretty similar if you just include all the previous responses and questions in the newest prompt/request.

That obviously gets pretty expensive quick, which is why the pro version of ChatPGT is $42 a month.


IllegalD t1_j6nctwb wrote

You want the "text completion" endpoint. Send it your prompt and away you go.