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Mundane_Library_6995 t1_j4ysz7b wrote

That's not how this works, if you're claiming a brand new medicine is safe and the government is forcing people to get it or effectively ostracizing them from society If they don't, then you damn well should have proof and research to stand on. The person making a claim has to provide proof, in this case it's something that can effect millions and millions so it's even more pertinent. They put out a new medication and got rich off it, they have to prove it's safe, I don't have to prove it isn't. I don't think there's been any studies done on the side effects of it so yeah no shit there isn't any evidence and it's all anecdotal. I guess time will tell. Just know our government has it set up that big pharma businesses like this can't be help liable at all for side effects if they do occur so I guess they don't have to bother proving it's safety. I don't have proof its safe or not safe either way, neither do you but people like you love to throw claims around and act all self righteous. Just keep believing everything you hear and trust the government completely, I'm sure everything is gonna work out just great. So like you said scientists have proven it's safe, show me the studies like you claimed


ZooZooChaCha t1_j4ywekw wrote

Omg what right wing dystopia fantasy land do you live in where the government forced and ostracized people who didn’t get the vaccine? The types of mandates people are losing their minds over have existed for decades.