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Grey___Goo_MH t1_j4bg6rq wrote

You believe some truly stupid hopium

Conservatives care about their wealth

In your vision of society no one dies and all these old people consume forever what absolute nonsense thinking they would realize the error of their ways and vote for a sustainable future… immortal old people is not sustainable

No they will vote in favor of money as all conservatives do pulling the ladder up on newer generations

Again what a massive joke


saiyaniam t1_j4bhbab wrote

They care about wealth because they have little health.


Rosieforthewin t1_j4c794k wrote

People don't accumulate massive weather holdings just to save up for later medical expenses or act responsibly. Not every single elderly person is frail. Look at the makeup of our own government, most of them are over 80. Humans hoard wealth because it is a lifelong obsession rooted in our basest instincts.


saiyaniam t1_j4ca9gq wrote

They acually do.

The drive to gain financial wealth for the majority is to compensate for age.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but we're not talking about individuals, we're talking about a mass of people.