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nicknameSerialNumber t1_j4bzdr4 wrote

Wishing death on rich people, reddit's favourite pastime!


esran7 t1_j4cj35e wrote

I'd usually agree with you, but people aging slower would definitely mess with processes that we rely on currently. Even just take a company structure. How do you employ new people, get fresh ideas, promote people if people suddenly don't retire as much.


Grey___Goo_MH t1_j4c06ga wrote

Death is a natural process

So yeah they should die eventually of natural causes just like everyone else


octorine t1_j4ciemi wrote

Dying of polio is also a natural process. I'm glad we didn't just let that run its course.


nicknameSerialNumber t1_j4c6gsi wrote

No one "should" die, tho people should have an option tho. IMO inaction and action are morally equivalent, witholding treatment is still basically killing people. Loads of natural things are bad, including deah