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Cranky0ldMan t1_j6bu24r wrote

Damn near impossible to translate any world language into Finnish.


cmVkZGl0 t1_j6bvwdr wrote

Do you have a reason why that is?


Zeduca t1_j6d12wc wrote

So your inability to translate your thoughts to Finnish is why you believe in fake news ?


mediandude t1_j6j7snr wrote

Finnic languages belong to the indo-uralic sprachbund.


colourlessgreen t1_j6d00ic wrote

Given that Finnish is a language, and given that humans speak Finnish, and given that native speakers of Finnish have no issue learning other human languages, this is demonstrably not true. Concepts between English and Finnish may not have 1-on-1 matches in terms of English Word A always corresponds to Finnish Word Z, but that is normal and expected.