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Rodville t1_j6n8k0r wrote

And dealers putting a $6000 “fee” on them because f you that’s why.


Fred011235 t1_j6mssaz wrote

still too expensive and still no where to charge it around here.


E_J_H t1_j6o3p0b wrote

Every ford dealer who signed up for their EV push (2000) will have public fast chargers by end of year


Tbone_Trapezius t1_j6odqtt wrote

Still roughly twice as much as a new ICE car. I can buy a lot of gas for $30K. I realize there are other benefits, I’ll just need to wait until there’s an affordable option.


jeffbanyon t1_j6n859o wrote

Can we get an ugly car discount as well?


geockabez t1_j6mkk07 wrote

So now it's $136,000? Oy vey.


E_J_H t1_j6mrkvk wrote

45-64 base msrp if you would have clicked the link and spent two seconds on the page