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EvaUnit_03 t1_j67jpa9 wrote

Funny... Amazon was having staffing issues all last year, now plans to cut 18k jobs.

I'm not a big conspiracy theorist but I feel like businesses were expecting a recession, maybe even a global one to redistribute power and seeing as it didn't happen when they wanted they are pulling a thanos and "fine, well do it ourselves" moment.


Steinrikur t1_j67tg3g wrote

The whole thing was mostly to avoid paying advertisers and search engines.

So I think that the real reason is that the whole thing is not saving them enough money in not paying Google for finding the products.


BigMax t1_j6babd0 wrote

>The whole thing was mostly to avoid paying advertisers and search engines.

Exactly. Someone explained it well on here in another thread. But the quick proof is how it worked. You didn't set a option in your amazon account saying "donate to red cross" or whatever, and then just forget about it and go about your business as usual, which is what would make sense.

You had to intentionally type "" into your browser to start the shopping session. This ensured that you weren't starting shopping by clicking on an ad link or google search link or whatever.


quantumfucker t1_j682wig wrote

Elaborate on this recession and how it would redistribute power.


parlapier t1_j6eskg1 wrote

People can't pay their mortgages, big money comes in and buys all the houses and then you have to pay to live in them for the rest of your life. Huge unemployment so wages go down and you are grateful that your rich overlords who do not work a single honest day in their lives allow you to slave away in ever worsening conditions while paying you just enough to eat and pay rent to another rich fucker.

You want to see an image of the future the capitalists want? Imagine a boot stomping on a human face forever.


quantumfucker t1_j6gif3f wrote

So Amazon laid off 18k tech employees in order to make people unable to afford housing, so they can buy them up and make you rent from them? It’s not a very good plan if that’s the case. Those 18k people will find other jobs extremely quickly.


EvaUnit_03 t1_j68fk0v wrote

That's why I'm not a conspiracist. But I do believe that's how some megalomaniac ceos think. somehow they see a way to gain big from a recession.


Lemonio t1_j68gyba wrote

A recession shouldn’t be good for the players who are big already, it might be good for their competitors who might have a better chance catching up during that time


GhostofDownvotes t1_j6c6tyl wrote

Yes, companies are literally trying to wreck their P&L statements just to prove that they were right. Who upvotes this idiotic shit?


nuclearswan t1_j6acp73 wrote

A recession is a fact, not a theory.


BigMax t1_j6baktv wrote

Recessions are interesting in that by the time it meets the official definition, you're already in it. Two quarters of GDP decline I believe. So you've been in decline for a while, but it takes 6 months to officially declare it.


EvaUnit_03 t1_j6ae7mu wrote

A conspiracy theory! Thanks for watching!

I wanted to make that joke so bad but the crowd in this sub tend to be pretty rough and tumble when it comes to memes.


OldeHickory t1_j68jeq7 wrote

Just like Jefferson waiting until he died to free his slaves


9-11GaveMe5G t1_j67pl4s wrote

And trump pledged to donate his salary and we still haven't seen any proof. And also release his taxes. So excuse me if "pledges" don't move me


kungfu_panda_express t1_j68o7a2 wrote

They got his taxes finally. Should be publicly available. Check out CNNs website they have an article from Dec 30, 2022 about the 6 years of tax returns released.

CNN Article


GhostofDownvotes t1_j6c75d1 wrote

Guy pledges to give away most of his wealth after he dies, some rando fuck on Reddit: he CoUlD Be lYiNg. For fuck’s sake, he doesn’t owe you anything in the first place.


parlapier t1_j6esx44 wrote

His wealth was built by the work of pseudo slaves in his warehouses. What actual value has he ever added to society besides leeching from the workers who created, built and operate Amazon? How has it come to a point that someone working so hard that they piss in a bottle would have to work thousands of years to earn as much as the guy he hands most of the value his labour generates earns?


[deleted] OP t1_j67wux0 wrote



tldrstrange t1_j68zgky wrote

Then why didn’t he release them himself as he promised and like every other president has done?


Soldier09r t1_j69i2ko wrote

He didn’t promise to release them and I can’t do your homework for you. However, I suggest you do look it up so you’re not upset at the wrong person although it sounds like it doesn’t matter. But if you listen to what the TV says all the time you’d believe the government has our best interests in their minds as well then.


tldrstrange t1_j69ndh3 wrote

Here, I did my own homework (5 seconds on google) and found several videos of Trump promising to release them. Here are a couple links. I'm not upset either, just asked you a question.


Soldier09r t1_j69nwkq wrote

I’m glad you found what you needed and realized that they are out and no longer upset at the wrong thing! I was wrong about him saying he wasn’t, my apologies. However, I’m glad I motivated you to do a simple search!


tldrstrange t1_j69q1qt wrote

Interesting how you were so confident that he never promised to release them, and so dismissive and patronizing about it, when everyone else has heard it directly from his own mouth over and over through the years. I wonder what else you're super confident about that is not actually correct?


Soldier09r t1_j69qnd7 wrote

What was your original comment again? Don’t get over confident, big guy 😂 clearly you don’t know what’s going on with anything haha and word of advice, I can at least admit I got something wrong, not much can be said about you. Doubling down on something that you didn’t even know and trying to make me feel like I’m the one that should feel bad is rich haha take care, buddy!


Setku t1_j6c0g5n wrote

god you're fucking stupid


JenniferJuniper6 t1_j6bzk2e wrote

They showed quite a lot of things, including that he made zero charitable donations in 2020. The returns are thousands of pages long and people are still analyzing them. It’s true that they haven’t necessarily been driving the news engine, but the guy isn’t president anymore. There has certainly been coverage. If he runs again, it will definitely become a hotter topic for media.


Sea_Honey7133 t1_j68jp8o wrote

When it comes to a fully automated retail sector, Amazon is playing the long conn.


MesabiRanger t1_j69vp3t wrote

So no more free Reddit coins AND no more Amazon smile charitable contributions? Where will I go for cost-free gratification? 2023 starting off kinda sucky


xNaquada t1_j6ar1k9 wrote

What the hell is "Reddit coins" ?


Peudejou t1_j6azik2 wrote

Recent attempt to monetize engagement through gamification. Buzzwords, yes, but that’s what they call it.


MesabiRanger t1_j6b024b wrote

Buzzwords yes but a succinct explanation nevertheless


MesabiRanger t1_j6azyoh wrote

Go to your avatar pic and tap it. The menu concerning Reddit coins( and many other things) will appear. Just virtual stuff to pay real money for, to give and receive


xNaquada t1_j6bgyag wrote

Dunno about avatar either, but I use old.reddit and a third party mobile app, I suspect this is why I've been insulated. Thanks for the info.


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j6832xp wrote

Garbage company. They also raised Prime by over 15%. After probably 15 years I canceled my Prime membership last night. Also, in all those years every time I ever wanted to watch a movie on Prime, it was extra. I never once actually watched a movie that was included in Prime.


ghaelon t1_j6ac70s wrote

ive been getting free games with prime gaming for years now, so they would have to raise prime quite a bit for me to cancel. the fast shipping is just icing on the cake with all the stuff i get. me and my roomie share it, and hes found lots of stuff to watch~


goomyman t1_j6bx0ma wrote

I’ve had prime forever and never knew they offered free games.

What games did you get?


ghaelon t1_j6dxf1v wrote

it was originally with twitch prime(you linked your amazon to it), and you just checked every month and claim yyour freebies. i have

395 games that ive gotten since like 2017 or something?

ive also bee nabbing the ones from the EGS, and humble choice, so ive got some duplicates. like the original pillars of eternity. i had forgotten that i bought it on gog, when i bought it on steam, then i got it on prime, and in the EGS. so like 4 copies of the same game, lol.


WintryInsight t1_j6c16ej wrote

Prime gaming isn't available everywhere. But there's many popular games that have in game items for prime only members 1


Wiseon321 t1_j6bkhuw wrote

I ordered something today and got it today. First time it’s ever happened.


Itchy_Focus_4500 t1_j6blr8i wrote

My guess is that they may have been getting crap from “people” who disagree with their distribution of donations. A loud, and very vocal minority may be getting under their (Amazon) skin. It looks to me that they have decided to go closer to neutralizing donations. I’m out of any donations for now.


unclefipps t1_j6bjgr8 wrote

The new Amazon program will take all the money normally generated by AmazonSmile and insert it directly into Jeff Bezos's anus.


[deleted] OP t1_j68bikw wrote



BigMax t1_j6bauu4 wrote

Haha, and that gave me a dark mental image of poor people, sick children, homeless folks all gathering together, picking up whatever they could find, rounding up the stray cats and dogs, and attacking Amazon HQ.


Foe117 t1_j6aahuo wrote

Oh no, where will "ADMINISTRATIVE FEES" come from now? a majority of Charities are tax scams.


CrywolfAndrew t1_j67kf80 wrote

Companies are becoming more automated.


occipixel_lobe t1_j68oj88 wrote

Lol it was a scheme to avoid taxes, people. All of these charity donation requests at checkout in your local big box store are also for that. Just a way to avoid paying taxes.


favpetgoat t1_j68rzkb wrote

Totally but this one was free for the user AFAIK, Amazon would donate whenever you buy stuff through but they didn't ask you to pay for the donation


eyjay t1_j68yl73 wrote

Iirc the charity thing at stores being a way to avoid taxes is a myth. However, it does give them good pr to donate to the charities by way of their customers


daviEnnis t1_j68x992 wrote

How does it avoid taxes?


occipixel_lobe t1_j69fuuu wrote

The Amazon Smile foundation gets to write donations off on taxes - NOT
you. So... who do you think owns the Amazon Smile foundation??



BudgetUncle t1_j69lsqa wrote

Why would the customer get a write off? They aren’t making a donation. They pay the same price on Smile or not, and the price of for the item they are buying.

Why should Amazon not get to write it off (under current tax law)? They are making a donation.


daviEnnis t1_j6a3z4y wrote

How does it avoid taxes though? They still turn out with less money than they otherwise would, if not for that charitable donation.

They lose money on smile, which is also why they're cancelling it.


JenniferJuniper6 t1_j6byuw6 wrote

Because they’re making the donation, not you. You don’t contribute anything to Amazon Smile. The price is the same whether you make it on Smile or not. Why would you get a deduction? And honestly, most of us are not generating enough donations to even beat the standard deduction, so we wouldn’t get a deduction anyway.


xal1124 t1_j6gpqx5 wrote

Why do you keep reposting this incorrect reply?


tablecontrol t1_j699a38 wrote

> a scheme to avoid taxes, people. All of these charity donation requests at checkout in your local big box store are also for that. Just a way to avoid paying taxes.

this is false


occipixel_lobe t1_j69fqln wrote

Nope, it's true. The Amazon Smile foundation gets to write donations off on taxes - NOT you. So... who do you think owns the Amazon Smile foundation??



He_who_bobs_beneath t1_j6a68dz wrote

The knowledge of Reddit’s amazing taxation accountants never ceases to amaze me.


FasterThanTW t1_j6b44l8 wrote

In Amazon's case they are the ones making the donation, not the customer. In the case of the store, the customer is making the donation and the store doesn't get any tax advantage from that