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B00tek t1_j519ri6 wrote

Doesn’t mean they should be allowed.


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B00tek t1_j52hl2l wrote

As soon as you give up they already won. It matters.


madalienmonk t1_j52zjof wrote

Wait, have they not already won?

Wasn't the PATRIOT act supposed to be temporary?


InappropriateTA t1_j51h9qm wrote

They’ll figure out what to do with the information later.


ThatReefGuy t1_j51wce6 wrote

They will most likely use AI driven software to analyze the data and find ‘anomalies’


InappropriateTA t1_j51xqfp wrote

Yup, I am pretty certain they want the dataset so they can train an AI on records tied to known illegal activities (or just suspected nefarious behavior) and let it loose on the rest of the records.


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B1kerGuy2019 t1_j4zg9qo wrote

Incorrect. PATRIOT Act + "Metadata"

That gives them the justification to sweep up records and use Metadata to see if it fits signatures. Nothing different than the whole Metadata collection unveiled by Snowden.

You're thinking about individual cases, but if they tie it to homeland security and terrorism, gives them free reign for the most part


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tdogg241 t1_j512vmh wrote

Yet the lasting damage it's done remains with us to this day.


TacTurtle t1_j514ia5 wrote

Pay no attention to the man with the server hidden behind a curtain!!


Pokey_Seagulls t1_j4zv844 wrote

Typical Reddit downvoting correct information. Jews4beer is right, even if the username seems wrong.

The Patriot Act did indeed expire in 2020 and no longer exists. Claiming that something is possible to do today because of the Patriot Act is therefore wrong. Patriot Act is dead.


PedroEglasias t1_j4zwy5j wrote

Most of the capabilities got rolled into the USA Freedom Act


temporarycreature t1_j509kvh wrote

That's bc they rolled all of the abilities of the Patriot Act to the US Freedom Act and then virtue signaled on killing the Patriot Act like they were doing something good for us.


analfizzzure t1_j523b1j wrote

You're wrong......the just changed the name. No way they would give up the right to examine our anuses


ukezi t1_j4zpvi5 wrote

However they are allowed to buy the data from private firms, just like they are buying phone records or movement profiles when they can't get a warrant.


ekkidee t1_j52heeb wrote

>If you are not awaiting trial for a financial crime it is illegal for law enforcement to access your bank records

I don't know about that. Money laundering is a crime and the US Treasury can certainly investigate it before indictment.


GoldWallpaper t1_j53amy5 wrote

This is dumb and obviously false. Even leaving aside the things others have pointed out, the whole point of investigations is to decide if someone should or should not be on trial.

Had you said something like, "Without a warrant, it is illegal for law enforcement to access your bank records" that sitll would have been wrong, but not as obviously idiotic as your actual statement.

Think harder.


anti-torque t1_j4z1qqo wrote

I don't know about you all, but I'm getting effort from my Senators.


[deleted] t1_j5182ou wrote

Cuz they’re obedient drones working for a shell of a government who has been owned by the central banks since we privatized the federal reserve.


null640 t1_j50tocf wrote

Same as it ever was... Same as it ever was...


QuestionableAI t1_j51mwl7 wrote

We are all on someone's list and it is just a matter of time.


Rajvagli t1_j52c50b wrote

Follow the money.


plebbitier t1_j531v2l wrote

Remember, they need to see every transaction over $600.
But fuck if they can do anything about the crime committed byt HSBC, UBS, Wells Fargo, etc.
Or the trillions unaccounted for in defense spending.

The government is the biggest criminal.


Own_Cream_551 t1_j5gdn4e wrote

I hate to say it , but as long as there’s been online communication; there have been the means to both capture it and analyze it. End of discussion. The world’s governments aren’t giving up there ability to spy on us all. Why would they? I tell those that who truly want anonymity to simply unplug. Nothing online is secure. Was never designed to be…..


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j5176ti wrote

because they can but also it should be a concern because a lot of them were involved with jan 6th or other qultist movements.