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shogi_x t1_j4rk7mh wrote

He's right. Oil use is going to decline but technology needs are only going to rise drastically. More than just the volume required, it's going to be the raw materials (see Sweden's rare Earth metals and the Neon bottleneck created by Russia's invasion) and the security of those supply lines (see US concerns over Huawei devices). Global alliances will be made based on securing a steady and trusted source of chips.


tomistruth t1_j4svy4x wrote

He means Intel is gonna enter weapons industry. Someone has to supply those millions of drones and smart weapons with new generation cpu power.


typing t1_j4s64w1 wrote

Makes sense if Data is still more valuable than oil, which it looks like


supaloopar t1_j4t9v5r wrote

Nice try Pat. It’s like asking MBS if he think oil is important in shaping geopolitics.

Ultimately, energy is the mother of all modern living. That includes powering chips.


[deleted] t1_j4tuucd wrote

Energy and oil, while closely related, are two different things.


gk99 t1_j4ur189 wrote

Man's over here thinking his phone battery is a miniature oil-fueled generator lol


moses420bush t1_j4ufuyf wrote

After 50 years will it be water shaping the geopolitics? Lithium maybe?


AaronDotCom t1_j5o3zq7 wrote

Says a company that might not be here by then


urgjotonlkec t1_j4rky8q wrote

He's obviously just pandering for subsidies, but that doesn't mean he's wrong. It's not just chips though, a lot of raw materials are involved which China has been scooping up while the US sits around with our thumbs up our butt.


xynix_ie t1_j4ro4k6 wrote

Pat isn't just pandering for subsidies, this is a national security threat and has been. We've let capitalism run wild at the risk of our own defense. We've given entire manufacturing processes away to a communist dictatorship all for a few points of margin. Those processes happen to be the things that will drive our world in the next couple decades.

Governments MUST pony up dollars to continue having an edge. All companies in China are owned by the government and they don't have any pesky margin to worry about. The only way to be on equal footing is to have this treated as a defense project, which it is.