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Jedibri81 t1_j83m91k wrote

I can’t watch just one show without getting bored, I watch multiple shows


Vestalmin t1_j85b634 wrote

My SO wants to only watch multiple episodes of one show as we watch through it. It gets kind of exhausting because I feel like I’m trapped in this specific world lol


Scotsmania t1_j83ob5y wrote

Usually have 1 show being binged then a couple of currently airing shows that I'll watch the newest episodes as they release. Sometimes I have more current ones on the go but I try not to as it often ends up feeling like an obligation rather than entertainment when I try to keep up with too many.

As for taking a break to binge something else in the middle? Sometimes but tends to be if I'm getting bored of the first one and usually ends up in it being dropped.


NoirPochette t1_j84339c wrote

Multiple shows. I can't really binge a show otherwise it just gets too much. I need variety.


BitterBubblegum t1_j83ofn5 wrote

Every time I finish a season of anything I take a break to watch something else. That something else can be a new show or the continuation of a show I took a break from.

For example these days I'm watching S2 of 'The Goldbergs' every evening to relax after I turn off my phone and when I'll finish it I'll start the final season of 'The Office'.


sevsnapey t1_j83q1so wrote

i usually watch the whole show. i'm just about to finish the deuce which is only 3 seasons but i've watched full runs of other long shows like 24 and Lost. i find it better to stay inside the one world instead of jumping from something prestige to a show that's completely different

i can understand people who can't do that though. it does get a little fatiguing sticking with the same characters for 50-100 hours and the writing also plays a huge part in the longevity of interest but it's still my preference


Lambchops_Legion t1_j84pg7d wrote

I have shows that I watch with the wife and shows I watch by myself so basically always have multiple shows running depending whether or not the wife is around to watch


BarBarBar22 t1_j85e7he wrote

I usually binge watch the whole show but we also have tv series/movies that I watch with my boyfriend and in spare time I watch something like The Simpsons for example. So this way I am not bored of it or completely block by one thing for longer period of time.


sara-ragnarsdottir t1_j83tigp wrote

I have to be in the mood to watch multiseasons show: I either watch the seasons in a row or I don't watch it at all. That's why lately I've only been watching limited series while Mad Men is side-eyeing me from my plan to watch list.


Takseen t1_j848f1p wrote

Yeah. I'll usually only watch one season at a time, then take a small break by watching something else. Only time that doesn't apply is if they're about to be pulled from a streaming service, or if it's a new Netflix show and I wanna boost numbers a bit so they don't kill it.


Starbuck522 t1_j84rui6 wrote

We watch a bunch of different shows. Rarely two of the same in the same day.


Nacknack26 t1_j865c95 wrote

I usually have a show I watch with my husband and then I have a show I watch by myself. I also sometimes rewatch random episodes or seasons of comfort tv shows If I don't want to pay attention for something new. So I do have different shows running, but not that many.


chicagoredditer1 t1_j87eunv wrote

Non-currently running shows I watch seasons at a time and then watch other seasons of other shows before coming back for the next season.

Just a way of extending the length of time I have with a show. I'm not particularly looking to speed run a show if I actually like it.