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ChaserNeverRests OP t1_j9s3rgn wrote

I'm excited to do that! I watch only one episode a night so I can make the show last, but tomorrow I'm going to rewatch this one instead of move on to the next new one.


hodgeyhodgey t1_j9s5lwx wrote

If you're only watching an episode a night and you're into podcasts, you might enjoy their (Zach/JD & Donald/Turk) rewatch podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends. Gives some extra background and they often have guests on


eunoiared t1_j9smtj5 wrote

I haven't listened to them in a while, but other than the first few episodes, the later episodes mostly consist of their banter about a lot of things other than Scrubs. If you like both personalities, great. But if you want some insight into the show, pick the one with more noteworthy guests like Bill Lawrence.


Sanderf90 t1_j9uc090 wrote

Or any episode featuring John C McGinley he brings notes and keeps the two others on focus.


TinyRodgers t1_j9uf7bu wrote

Thats my issue with alot of these show podcasts. They often aren't about the actual show.


Milk93rd t1_j9t5flu wrote

That’s Bill Lawrence’s podcast!


bros402 t1_j9tfkd1 wrote

imo OP should've listen until being finished, since it has spoilers for the series