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Yellow-Eyed-Demon t1_j904a01 wrote

I really hope they have a massive recap before the second season starts, it's been FOUR years, I don't remember anything.


spickerson OP t1_j907wxh wrote

Luckily they do, if not I would have been so lost!


Cyrano_Nose t1_j90hamm wrote

Imagine if they ever do Taboo :(


KRIEGLERR t1_j91o623 wrote

bro you just made me remember we still don't have season 2.
Not sure we ever will, too bad because I loved the first season. Amazing cast aswell


StrykrVII t1_j91u0sg wrote

It's my understanding that if they ever do give us a season 2, its gonna be like American Horror Story. Mostly the same cast and crew, but different characters, setting, and story.

I think they were looking at a story during the Vietnam War next.


botoks t1_j922bu7 wrote

Source for this?


Mentoman72 t1_j924y8z wrote

I don't have the source, but I can confirm that I was once read the same thing lol


thatoneguy889 t1_j930jzh wrote

Hardy said he does want to do a second season, but it will be treated like an anthology series and the story would pick up with a descendent of his character in the first season.


keving87 t1_j90mo9b wrote

While this show got massively delayed due to COVID, Amazon's pretty bad about their shows in general. Most seasons have been finished filming over a year before they finally release them.


Quolli t1_j90lw5r wrote

iirc there's a recap uploaded onto the Amazon Prime YT page


flouronmypjs t1_j912zvh wrote

The first episode also starts with a pretty decent recap.


mfishing t1_j910uxg wrote

How many Yellowstones (and spin-offs) seasons has that been?