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DUNG_INSPECTOR t1_jae8ueu wrote

> you're 74 today.

Unless you are suggesting that there is no alive over the age of 73 I don't see the relevance.

> Andy Griffith fans who were 65 when the show started are over 100, if they're still alive.

Uhh... that's a completely different show. Outside of the fact that Andy Griffith played both parts there is no relevance.

Although I will point out that shows like Matlock and Andy Griffith continued to air after they ended, hell you can still watch the Andy Griffith show on OTA channels. I'm 45 and have watched, and enjoyed, both shows.

> Seriously, how many people in their 20s and 30s were watching 'Matlock' in the mid-90s? I sure as hell wasn't.

I love baseless speculation based on personal anecdotes.