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-I posted a similar post on here before, but everyone hyper-focused on the small mistake of me calling it “underrated” and then proceeded to insult me like petty children for it, instead of actually looking at my post.


I recently finished Season 1 and damn, this show was phenomenal.

Everything about the show was just so intriguing: the worldbuilding, the themes the show explored, the Severence concept of the show, the characters and their relationships, how they managed to make the exact same people feel like completely different entities, etc.

The show was so fantastical yet deeply grounded at the same time.

The world mirrored dystopian traits similar to ones of ours that already exist, that have just been deeply exacerbated and worsened by the acceleration of technology. It felt like a horror show at times.

This show was surprisingly entertaining and had a surprising amount of heart.

The last episode was so damn good too. The acting too.



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Drawer_Of_Drawings t1_ja2xzd8 wrote

Yes, it does contain more goats than the average show.


SocksPls t1_ja3q5ng wrote

is baby goats code for sex with Mark S?


johnppd t1_ja2xbgq wrote

Please try to enjoy each episode equally.


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saulgoodman673 OP t1_ja6jvfs wrote

Goddamn is everyone on this sub just miserable, pretentious, petty manchild losers who have nothing better to do with their unfulfilled lives than hate on strangers on the internet? Get a life Jesus


nebkelly t1_ja2y4bi wrote

The set design, cinematography and sound editing was so on point for me. Subtle audio cues *ding*, cuts, and close ups elevated the show. The only 2022 show that beat it in editing was The Bear imo.


NiceTryBush t1_ja30vw9 wrote

I found this show by accident and out of boredom started the first episode. Then binged it and thought it was amazing. Now I tell everyone to watch it and they go “huh? Never heard of it” I don’t even request a hug.


Automatic_Randomizer t1_ja4g5b9 wrote

I really like Severance, but wonder how far they can go with the premise. Westworld started great, but then started wandering around after the first season. I hope that doesn't happen to Severance.


Honne403 t1_ja31frn wrote

Top quality show.


PortoGuy18 t1_ja3la4r wrote

One of the few times when a show that is being declared as "The Best Shit at the Moment" actually lived up to my expectctaions, if not more.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_ja62r1a wrote

I doubt if it will make the top ten of all time 10 or 20 years from now.


jtv123 t1_ja7mnv6 wrote

This is the mildest shitpost I’ve seen in a while.