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Ice-T, the renowned rapper and actor, has been honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 65-year-old actor, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, was joined by his wife Coco Austin and their daughter Chanel Nicole at the ceremony held on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The event was attended by many stars, including fellow rappers Chuck D and Ice Cube, and Law & Order franchise creator Dick Wolf. Ice-T's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit co-star Mariska Hargitay spoke at the ceremony, praising the actor's humanity and artistry.

The Meaning Behind the Ceremony

Mariska Hargitay reflected on the significance of having a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which, she said, meant different things to different people. However, she held it dear to her heart because her star would be next to her mother's. She said that Ice-T's name being on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was profoundly right as it recognized his friendship and achievements in the entertainment industry. The star is located at 7065 Hollywood Boulevard, and it is the 2,747th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mariska Hargitay Pays Tribute to Ice-T's Artistry and Humanity

Mariska Hargitay gave a touching speech at the ceremony, reflecting on Ice-T's artistry and humanity. She said that he was the O.G. of friendship and the real deal, with a story that shaped how he viewed the world. Instead of hardening him beyond recognition, the story filled him with humanity, humility, grace, and wisdom. She went on to talk about the wonderful friendship that they shared, which was the reason that she loved him. Hargitay praised Ice-T for his dedication to his family and the fact that he is a devoted husband and father.

Ice-T's Career as a Rapper and Actor

Ice-T's career as a rapper began to rise in the 1980s, and he released his debut album, Rhyme Pays, in 1987, followed by the album Power the following year. He introduced his new band, Body Count, on one track of the successful album O.G. in 1991 before releasing a debut LP with the group the following year. Body Count was an influential part of hip-hop's merger with heavy metal, and Ice-T was a fan of this subgenre. In recent years, Ice-T has been better known for his acting career, particularly his role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where he has played Detective Odafin Tutuola for over 20 years.


The ceremony was a significant event in Ice-T's life, and it recognized his achievements and contributions to the entertainment industry. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an iconic symbol of the entertainment industry, and the ceremony provided the opportunity to reflect on its meaning and significance. The speeches given by Ice-T's friends and colleagues, particularly Mariska Hargitay, highlighted the importance of friendship and the impact that Ice-T has had on their lives.



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Owasso_Landman t1_j91uq9r wrote

Ice-T bought a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


roadymike t1_j91xahj wrote

I read it's up to $50k to be "honored".


HPmoni t1_j92l0ti wrote

Yeah, it's by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Guessing NBC picked up the tab.


82ndGameHead t1_j91yts5 wrote

Kinda sad that the process has been figured out


Kalse1229 t1_j921xxy wrote

This exact comment is LITERALLY the top comment of every Hollywood Star post on this subreddit. Also the cost is primarily towards actually installing it into the Walk of Fame.


GroveTC t1_j95h3qz wrote

>the cost is primarily towards actually installing it into the Walk of Fame

50k to place one tile? How does one get that job?


wirral_guy t1_j91y4h9 wrote

Came into the comments to say this - hell, I'm pretty sure I\anyone could buy a star if you offered enough!


Owasso_Landman t1_j91yiln wrote

You still have to be nominated and have some credibility but, yeah pretty much anyone in Hollywood can get one.


ananxiouscat t1_j91y5ek wrote

are you Ice-Ts PR team? lmao what is this


RelationRealistic t1_j924s5b wrote

"Six 'n the mornin', police at my dawh, fresh adidas squeak across my Hollywood stah...."


KingRemoStar t1_j93hi27 wrote

We’ll deserved. Wish he would of kept doing movies instead of tv shows. New Jack City and Trespass was legit..


tidus8 t1_j9425nz wrote

Also that one where a bunch of rich white folks hunt him in the woods but he ends up owning them all.


sasquatchbrokers t1_j94x1os wrote

Surviving the Game with Bussey is a great film.


Darmok47 t1_j99bmca wrote

Busey's insane monologue about his dog is worth the price of admission alone.


nich3play3r t1_j926ip1 wrote

Any problem he got he just puts his 👊in.


Armins_CopyOf_Swank t1_j92sdgr wrote

Can anyone get a star?

Can we honour Mr. Belding?

Or Penn Badgley?


SynthD t1_j930d5a wrote

It’s Ed Begley Jr Jr’s turn.


CollateralSandwich t1_j94jf34 wrote

It's a long way from his heyday, but that Rhyme Pays > Power > O.G. trio of records is fantastic.


intecknicolour t1_j94k9iy wrote

the past episode of SVU has IceT's character being honored with a plaque by hargitay's character.


sample808 t1_j95y3mi wrote

My parents lost their minds when they heard me listening to Cop Killer when I was a kid. Love the Ice man.


SoMantAltsLol t1_j92brjh wrote

thaths real sthmoove

shoutouths playa


horseren0ir t1_j95o4vz wrote

Like when someone bets too much on the ponies?


mickeyflinn t1_j9fbgt9 wrote

And by honored they mean he paid to have it installed.


Rydahx t1_j92akwd wrote



s3rila t1_j92qly0 wrote

so he can evolve into Water T